It has become an annual tradition for the CW’s DC shows to engage in a crossover event, and this year’s crossover is the biggest to date. Crisis on Infinite Earths, based on the original storyline by Marv Wolfman and George Perez, will feature the heroes of Arrow, The Flash, Legends Of Tomorrow, Supergirl, Batwoman, and Black Lightning fighting the universe-killing Anti-Monitor. Here’s an overview of the storyline and what to expect from the TV adaptation.

Worlds Will Live, Worlds Will Die

The original Crisis storyline lived up to its name, as the malevolent Anti-Monitor sought to destroy all living matter in the Multiverse. Mar Novu, aka the Monitor, gathered heroes from across Earths to stop him. Crisis set the stage for many a comic book event, and became infamous for its high body count (Flash and Supergirl were among the casualties) as well as condensing the entire history of DC’s multiverse into one Earth.

The Road to Crisis

The Crisis has been teased ever since the pilot episode of The Flash, which foreshadowed Barry Allen’s disappearance. More importantly, during the last crossover “Elseworlds,” the Monitor appeared to test Barry and Oliver Queen by rewriting their respective histories. He has also had a hand in several other events – resurrecting Lex Luthor, bringing J’onn J’onzz’s brother to Earth-38, and asking for Oliver’s help in finding other champions across the Multiverse.

Dark Knights and Lightning Strikes

As the crossover spans five shows and the multiverse, several guest stars have been confirmed to make an appearance. Black Lightning (Cress Williams) will cross over with his fellow heroes for the first time, and Osric Chau (Supernatural) is set to appear as young scientist Ryan Choi, who in the comics took up the mantle of the Atom. But one of the biggest announcements was that Kevin Conroy, who has voiced Batman in several projects, will be portraying a version of the Dark Knight for this event.

Into The SuperVerse

Conroy’s involvement would be big enough on its own, but during SDCC Brandon Routh revealed that he would be reprising his role as Superman. And not just any Superman – he will be portraying the Kingdom Come version! Shortly after, news broke that Tom Welling and Erica Durance would return as the Smallville versions of Clark Kent and Lois Lane. Routh and Welling join Tyler Hoechelin, who will be returning as Earth-38 Superman, meaning that three versions of the Man of Steel will potentially share the screen.

As if that weren’t enough DC cameos in one mega-crossover, there will also be appearances from Burt Ward (Robin in the 1960s Batman series) and Ashley Scott (Huntress in the 2002 Birds of Prey series). Rumors swirl that Nicolas Cage could finally don a live-action ‘S’ or that Lynda Carter will return as Wonder Woman.

What are you looking forward to in Crisis on Infinite Earths? Are there any surprise cameos or characters you’re hoping to see?

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