What Fresh Hell Is This? Now LIVE on Kickstarter!

What Fresh Hell Is This?

Red Stylo Media launched a crowdfunded project this month for their new anthology, What Fresh Hell Is This?


Indie comic publisher Red Stylo Media is proud to announce a new campaign to Kickstarter their newest collection, WHAT FRESH HELL IS THIS? A comic anthology inspired by Dante’s Inferno. The campaign is live now on Kickstarter.

Edited by returning RSM editor, Genevieve Trainor, What Fresh Hell is This? is set in a “Hellywood” movie studio, with each of the nine circles of Hell represented by a production taking place on one of the studio sound stages.

It’s rough making your way in show business. Everyone wants something from you, and no one is cutting you any breaks. Your boss is a real beast, and you’re performing for the dregs of society.

Also, you’re in Hell.

A hapless hero who can’t do anything right makes his stumbling way through a series of worsening gigs, but interspersed along the way, readers are treated to stories of how the torture goes when the pros are in charge. Red Stylo Media’s fresh take on Dante’s Inferno gives eleven teams of artists and writers the chance to dig into the depths of one hell of a backlot, a behind-the-scenes look at an infernal studio where the last thing you want to hear is, “Cut!”

What Fresh Hell Is This? is the eighth annual Red Stylo Presents anthology collection of original comic stories. Inspired by one of history’s quintessential allegories, Part I of Dante Alighieri’s The Divine Comedy, the collection features original comics and vignettes by twenty-two indie comics creators including: Aaron Allen, Scott Bachmann, CGhirardo, Dillon Gilbertson, Sunny Go, Tatum Hedrick, Kame, Erin Keepers, Sherezada Kent, Christopher Lackie, Grant McLaughlin, AJ O. Mason, Trevor Mueller, Mark Mullaney, Rob Pilkington, Esther Pimentel, Nicholas Poonamallee, Helen Robinson, Jack Simpson, Chris Stefanova, Brian Tanner, Gina Trujillo, and Kat Taylor.

Be sure to check out this project here on Kickstarter and support this collective of writers and artists.

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