What Could Be Next For Spider-Man and Marvel?

Back in 2015, Walt Disney Studios and Sony negotiated a deal to let Marvel Studios use superhero and pop culture icon, Spider-Man in the MCU as Sony gets 30% of merchandise. That was recently ended due to issues with co-financing with Disney. 

Sony has recently confirmed that Spider-Man may very well be staying with Sony for the near future so what could be next for the MCU and how do you depart from Spider-Man? 

Young Avengers Issue 5

The Options

Spider-Man isn’t the only young hero Marvel has. Given the recent deal with 21th Century Fox, they now have access to Johnny Storm from Fantastic Four and several X-Men characters who could do a fantastic job filling in the young role. If Marvel Studios wanted a fast replacement then Young Avengers and Ms. Marvel are their friends in this scenario, recently with the addition of Cassie Lang now being a teenager they have a starting point with Young Avengers.

Kate Bishop is also supposed to appear in the Disney+ show Hawkeye, a character who has been a fan favorite and in the books is a sharpshooter who dawned the name Hawkeye after Clint Barton’s supposed death and conveniently, gives them another starting point with Young Avengers.

Ms. Marvel. is also a fresh new addition to the MCU with a show for Disney+ in development which can open the door for young heroes such as Nova/Sam Alexsander, Amadeus Cho, and many others. Ms. Marvel also has the potential of being a big hit with communities with her being the first Muslim hero in the movies and shows.

As mentioned above, X-Men has several youth characters and teams they can use such as  Generation X, New Mutants, Academy X/New X-Men, and many others.

Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse

Back On Spider-Man

The biggest fear with fans is that Spider-Man will be done ‘wrong’ and that the end credits scene for Spider-Man: Far From Home will be ignored for a new reboot but everything isn’t as doom and glum as perceived; Spider-Man is a character that thrives in a solo world or in a world filled with heroes and Tom Holland’s Spider-Man is set to continue outside of the MCU.

No matter what, Spider-Man is Spider-Man no matter what studio makes him and in the end, we should all have fun. 

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