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Action Comics #1015 / Writer: Brian Michael Bendis / Artist: Szymon Kudranski / Colorist: Brad Anderson / Letters: Dave Sharpe / Publisher: DC Comics / Publish Date: September 25, 2019

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New Superhero

Ever wonder what is feels like to get powers, like flying? How would you handle them? Action Comics #1015 starts with a new superhero finding her legs and trying to bring news of a threat to Superman. When she lands, Superman is there to help. We find this new Hero is Naomi (first appearance in Naomi #1), a powered human from another Earth, who has grown up on our Earth. Like Superman, she was sent here for safety by her parents and like Superman that threat is now following her here. While Superman leaves her with Batman, he heads off to deal with another threat. Lex Luthor has powered up this Leviathan villain. Can she now take down the Man of Steel?

Action Comics Character Study

As always Brian Michael Bendis creates great characters and stories. His newest character Naomi is fresh, endearing, and noble, while also being extremely relatable. He instantly puts the reader in her shoes, hearing her inner monologue. A connection is made with her, especially when she fangirls over Superman and Batman. He then makes you feel how overwhelming it must be to have these heroes trying to figure you out. Bendis knows how to flesh out a well-rounded new character, but also how to keep true to established characters. Having Naomi interact with these heroes, inters, and scientist allows readers to see them all from different perspectives.

Characters aside, the story is intriguing and Bendis has the established DC characters asking many questions we all want the answers to about Naomi and this threat. One expects the threat to burst through the walls with the level of urgency emoted. Then that story seems to take a sidestep while Superman runs off to another threat. At first this story change feels a bit disjointed, but as you read you will see the tie in to a larger picture, a larger villain, and ultimately all the villainous things that are happening in this world.  

Action Comics Comedic panel

Story through Art

Szymon Kudranski’s art in Action Comics #1015 is fantastic, especially in the first five pages. The art makes you feel as you are flying as power surges from your finger tips and the Daily Planet is your beacon. When we finally see Naomi’s face, Kudranski shows delight at meeting superman, worry she did something wrong, and the beauty of her features. He also comically draws flying Naomi following Superman, showing she a bit clumsy with her new powers. The tightness of the panels in the med bay give feel if intimacy, slight anxiety, and a bit of interrogation. Kudranski does a great job of telling a story of his own while accentuating Bendis’ story.

Brad Anderson’s colors support bother the art and writing by taking us through multiple tones of color. The beginning he gives us the golden, yellow, slightly orange tint of Naomi’s powers which is only broken up by the classic Red and Blue or Superman. The realistic, almost night colors of the med bay feels almost cold in the blues of technology and steel. Then the story shift to the big fight of the issue is bright pink and slightly red, with a pop of cool blue coming from the villain’s eyes and mouth. The last pages are so striking in their color and shading, the extremeness of the situation is felt deeply by the reader.

Action Comics #1015 panel

Action Comics Full of Depth

Overall, this Action Comics book was a great roller-coaster of discovery, heart felt interactions, and ruthless fighting. The depth of Bendis’ character writing is matched by the gorgeous details of their faces drawn by Kudranski and shaded by Anderson. This team is truly meant to be working together. As a reader I want more of Naomi and I hope she plays a big part in helping established heroes win this Year of The Villain. After all, Lex Luthor has new strengths, is giving a lot of baddies a power boost, and we don’t even know the extent of how powerful Naomi is yet. Putting her in the line up is exciting and I can’t wait to see where this story and team take us.

Verdict: 5 out of 5

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