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In case your social media and automated news notifications haven’t already drowned you in Disney news, you might be interested to learn that their hype convention, aka D23 Expo, took place last weekend. You can find summaries of everything announced all over the web (CNET, for example), but we decided to get a little more personal with some Q&A in the aftermath of so many breaking stories. Danielle, Thomas, Piper, Lori, and Martin;s responses follow.

Which D23 Marvel announcement are you most excited about?

Danielle: She-Hulk, hands down! This character is a hero as Jennifer Walters lawyer as well as She-Hulk. They will need a great actress to be able to pull off both sides of her. I also can’t wait to see if it’s her origin or her recent grey Hulk storyline. She has so many great stories from over the decades.

Thomas: Kamala Khan Ms. Marvel, hands down. The youth angle within the MCU, away from the secret agents and Avengers initiative, has plenty of potential. Kamala’s a street level hero who happens to have a joyous personality and coincidental alignment between her teenage and super crises. Feige’s confirmation that she will appear in the movies too makes me hopeful for her to get time in the big spotlight of the silver screen while still maintaining a lower overall profile. You know, like the treatment the Netflix heroes should’ve gotten!

Close runner-up goes to Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur getting an animated series. Comics CAN be fun!

Piper: Personally it’s Ms. Marvel and Moon Knight. Kamala Khan and Marc Spector have always been characters I’ve connected with, and the fact that others get to witness them is exciting.

Lori: She-Hulk by far! I’ve loved her since her debut in 1980, and I find her so much more fun than Hulk. Don’t get me wrong, I love Bruce, but Jen brings a lot of humor, wit, and intelligence (in her Hulk form) that Bruce doesn’t traditionally have (Endgame notwithstanding). In the comics, unlike Bruce, she loves and embraces her Hulk nature. She’s also one of the first characters I’d ever seen break the Fourth Wall, and I would really love to see that as part of her show. Lastly, the Jen/She-Hulk dynamic represents those of us who live in a bit of a shell and breaking out of that shell to be our genuine selves. I think we need a bit of that motivation in our lives.

Martin: Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur. I advocated for that to be an animated TV series when I read and reviewed the 1st issue. Love the series.

Sceritz: I am elated about the reveal of Ms. Marvel having a live action TV show. WOW. When I think about a character that can bring a true light and joy to the MCU, she’s the first that comes to mind. Her family connections are so strong, and her selfless willingness to help others is so powerful. She’s the perfect young superhero to bring to the MCU, and I feel that she may feel a void that Tom Holland’s Spidey will leave behind.

Are there any especially surprising announcements?

Danielle: I think Kit Harrington as Black Knight was surprising, just because the character is somewhat random in my book. That being said, I’m excited to see him in that role.

Thomas: Book of Enchantment getting canceled before it even began airing. I thought it would take longer before one of the productions lost steam or was swept under a rug somewhere.

Piper: Lizzie McGuire continuation. Nothing else.

Lori: I was actually surprised by both She-Hulk and Ms. Marvel. I knew they were working towards Ms. Marvel; I didn’t know we were that close. She-Hulk surprised me even more because of the rights-juggling, but it’s a pleasant surprise.

Martin: She-Hulk. Never thought she was getting a series.

Sceritz: I’m surprised about how good the Eternals looks. I knew they would do well, sure. But actually seeing them lined up the way they are, is simply beautiful. Plus with the introduction of the Black Knight, we can see that Marvel is no longer playing surface games. They are going deep and obscure with their heroes.

What information did you feel was missing from D23 Marvel announcements?

Danielle: What is going on with Keanu Reeves? Are they still talking to him about joining the MCU? Maybe he could fill Moon Knight’s shoes or Namor? Hopefully we will get some news on that soon!

Piper: I was honestly hoping for some more info on Fantastic Four and X-Men, even if it was just a simple logo I would’ve been fine with that. The First Family and Xavier School are entering a wild world and I’m eager to learn more about it!

Thomas: How Marvel would seamlessly add the Okoye+Valkyrie fight scene to the streaming version of Endgame. Seriously, that sounds like such a cool moment to leave out.

Lori: Obviously, I’m curious about the X-Men and Fantasic Four, but I’m guessing they’re still figuring that stuff out. They gave me enough of a plate full of stuff to keep me satiated.

Martin: More info on the Fantastic Four. Especially since there are rumors surrounding Galactus.

Sceritz: They have yet to announce full team titles. I don’t know if they are planning on moving away from that due to the impact of Thanos, or if it’s so far in the future that they don’t want to hit on it at the moment, but I think giving us a taste of the team name *cough* Ultimates *cough* would be a nice thing for folks to look forward to.

What comic character do you hope is added to Disney + going forward?

Danielle: The obvious is to get the Spider-people back, but really I want Singularity! Not only is she an amazing character and gorgeously drawn in comics, which would be interesting in live action, she is the last necessary piece to have the A-Force lineup from comics. Of course, they’d have to revamp Medusa too, as the Inhumans TV show kinda ruined her.

Thomas: Maybe this will be part of the What If series, but I could see Marvel pulling the “Punisher/Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe” / “Marvel Zombies” lever whenever they need an event crossover.

Piper: Something I’ve always wanted from the Marvel Cinematic Universe was a show that followed a normal person witnessing all of these events much like Kurt Buisek’s Marvels, which is a similar concept. I feel that something like that would be an interesting development to the MCU as a whole.

Thomas: Piper, your will be done.

Piper: Oh I know, I still need to imagine it though.

Lori: Spider-Woman! Come on, Sony, Disney, come to an agreement we can all live with. We need Jessica Drew to show up so she can be the BFF to Carol Danvers that she is in the comics. On top of that, with She-Hulk announced, I would also like to see them building toward A-Force; She-Hulk is the leader of A-Force. It would also mean the introduction of Singularity, who really only exists in the A-Force stories. She’s such a great character that other people need to meet!

Martin: Reviving the Marvel shows that are on Netflix: Jessica Jones, Daredevil, Punisher, Luke Cage, Iron Fist (yes, I said Iron Fist).

Sceritz: They’ve done so many and have so many planned. I’m extremely pleased. However, I want the X-men, and specifically I want Storm. I need more prominent black women like Shuri, Okoye, Nakia, and Misty Knight.

Star Wars predictions – let’s hear ‘em.

Danielle: I predict Rey uses the dark side and the light side to become a new form of Jedi. Like Yin and Yang, having both dark and light makes her balanced and ultimately the most powerful being in the universe. We find Yoda was the same way without anyone knowing it.

Thomas: I’ve heard the time travel theory and hope it stays just a theory. I doubt Disney has enough Carrie Fisher footage to make a reunion with Mark Hamill possible, but I would love to see some more dialog between them. Serious question: do we know which death star is growing barnacles in an ocean? I wonder if Palpatine left a secret behind on the first one, with the trailer footage taking place on Yavin IV.

Martin: What Danielle said, except the Yoda part.

Sceritz: Switchblade lady is either Rey’s clone, a darkside vision or hear me out (shout out to Sith Witch), PADME..

Finally: Is there enough content to nudge you into a Disney+ subscription?

Danielle: I’d pay now if they’d let me!

Thomas: I find it curious that, for all the streaming shows about to come gushing forth, Marvel Unlimited isn’t bundled along, too. Why not push even a curated comics experience to go with all those superheroes and moon battles? For now, I already know enough people with kids that someone will have a Disney+ login to share (until Disney cracks down on those, of course).

Piper: The fact that Marvel Unlimited isn’t really included in it is really interesting. That bit aside, I would consider getting it.

Lori: I’ve refused to subscribe to any of the additional streaming services because it was spreading my money too wide for too little content. This Disney+ lineup has given me a buffet of content that is well worth it for me to break that. Our household will be subscribing.

Martin: Can Kamala Khan embiggen? In other words: Yes!

Sceritz: Holy hell. More than enough. Almost too much, Sadly, and I hate that it’s this way, in the balancing of $$ I am going to have to axe Crunchyroll or DC Universe for it.

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