REVIEW: Sabrina The Teenage Witch #4

SABRINA THE TEENAGE WITCH #4 / Writer: Kelly Thompson / Art & Color: Veronica & Andy Fish / Lettering: Jack Morelli / Publisher: Archie Comics / Published date: July 30, 2019.

Sabrina cover

Sabrina Settling In

Greendale is finally becoming familiar to Sabrina. School days, where monsters appear, walking home, where monsters attack her, and cute boys, who don’t know they are monsters. As a witch you’d think Sabrina would be used to this sudden supernatural spike, but even her Aunts are worried. 

The Aunts go to the forest to fight this dark magic and do not come home. Although this is not the first time, Sabrina is worried. She heads to school for answers and finds that maybe a date with the cute jock is a way to get them. The only problem is she kissed the bad boy last night. A love triangle is brewing at the worst possible time. 

Relatable and Magical

Kelly Thompson yet again makes Sabrina one of the most relatable and interesting characters to read. Even with the mystical background, the reader understands her reactions, forgetfulness, and when she’s had it with boys. If you were attacked by a monster in the woods you would forget to keep your glamour on as well! 

Thompson also makes the reader fall for each boy as hard as Sabrina does. We see and feel the same as Sabrina, including worrying over her Aunts and falling for each boy as hard as Sabrina does. We warn her about casting spells along with Salem and are proud of her when she achieves great feats. Thompson also has a real knack for ending an issue on a high note. This issue’s last page is glorious! See also: Thompson’s recent story included in the new Fearless comic for Marvel. 


Veronica and Andy Fish do a fantastic job of making the comic look whimsical. They also help to create real relationships between characters. The scene between Harvey and Sabrina could be a movie scene of teenage bodily expression and infectious smiles. I also think I have the earrings Veronica Fish put on Sabrina on the cover!

Sabrina’s reactions are realistic, but the minute magic is involved, color explodes into fantastical mythos. The full-page artwork of the final spell of this issue is gorgeous and powerful. The bright colors of the book are engaging, but this panel beautifully culminates the magic and wonder of the story.


Overall, this entire series has been a fun read with twists and turns. Those who need more Sabrina in their life should pick up this series. This issue in particular focuses more on the romantic aspect of the story than the action of previous issues. That being said, it still engages the reader and leaves me impatient for more of this story and from this team.

Verdict: 5 out of 5

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