REVIEW: Old Man Quill #8

Old Man Quill #8/Written by Ethan Sacks/Art by Ibraim Roberson/Colors by Rochelle Rosenberg/Publisher: Marvel Comics/Published Date August 7, 2019

Old Man Quill #8/ Writer: Ethan Sacks / Artist: Ibraim Roberson / Cover: Nicola Scott / Publisher: DC Comics / Publish Date: August 7, 2019

Ethan Sacks and Ibraim Roberson take us deeper into the “Old Man” universe. What happened to the Guardians of the Galaxy? What’s left for Peter Quill? We find out in Old Man Quill #8

Warning: Spoilers Ahead

The book kicks off on New Sirius,  on a Church of Universal Truth archive ship 3 months from the current events in the book. The Guardians minus Quill have infiltrated the ship looking for a being who can stop Galactus and the Universal Church. The team stealthily or their version of stealthily takes down some guards to get to the being. What they find is a broken and beaten Silver Surfer who tells the Guardians that the only hope they have for beating Galactus is the Ultimate Nullifier.

After a mind meld with Mantis, the Surfer tells her that Galactus beat him long ago and that he siphoned the Power Cosmic out of him so he could make the Universal Church’s apostles his new heralds. The bad news kept coming as the Surfer also revealed that he and the Guardians don’t have much time left. With the fallen Shi’ar Imperial Knights approaching the remaining Guardian’s work to get a message to their former leader Peter Quill. One by one the team falls until only Gamora remains as she sends the Milano away to give Quill the message. I was hit right in the feels when Drax went down saying “It was an honor to be apart of the Guardians of the Galaxy”. Peter receives the message only to have a mental break watching his former teammates and friends die.

Fast Forward back to fallen Baxter Building with Quill and his current predicament. He tossed aside by the Shi’ar Knights until they can figure out what he knows. Herbie shuts the Vibranium behind him buying him 6 minutes at best. Peter comes to terms that he is the last living superhero and takes action. This a heartbreaking yet inspiring moment as Peter looks within himself to find the hero he was and can still be. He runs off to find some better weapons. We end on Peter Quill donning the Hulkbuster Iron Man suit prepared to fight what could be his final battle.

This book has been a great view into the mind of Peter Quill who despite leading the Guardians of the Galaxy can be overlooked. Ethan Sacks shows us the human inside the man and makes him relatable. I enjoy the “Old Man Logan” universe and I am happy to see that heroes are starting to emerge again. The art by Ibraim Roberson is pretty decent. It isn’t bad but there wasn’t a “wow” factor. If you are a fan of the “Old Man” universe you definitely need to pick this book up.

I give it  3 out 5 Iron Lords.

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