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Lois Lane #2 / Writer: Greg Rucka / Artist: Mike Perkins / Colorist: Paul Mounts / Variant Cover: Nicola Scott / Publisher: DC Comics / Publish Date: August 7, 2019

Lois Lane Cover

Digging for the Big Story

Lois Lane has uncovered a big story, and continues to dig to expose how deep the corruption runs. So far, she has tracked money being embezzled and shipped off shore, but after a fellow reporter “commits suicide”, there is clearly more to uncover. On top of tracking this big story, a picture has surfaced of her kissing Superman, even though she is a married woman. Her digging is getting under the skin of those she pursues, and this attack of her character seems expected. Do they really think this is what will stop Lois Lane from uncovering the story? They would be wrong!

Best of Lois

Greg Rucka continues to bring the best out in Lois Lane. She is fierce, smart, and fearless, when it comes to bringing the public the truth. And the one truth she can’t share, is a secret worth keeping, even if she gets attacked in the media for it. Rucka also brings in the tough-as-nails Renee Montoya, a character that should be present in more comics. Together, these ladies show that gender or superpowers do not matter when seeking truth, or dealing with villains. Rucka uses these characters to truly empower women without constantly pointing it out in some heavy-handed way. 

Rucka also weaves in current political and humane issues of the day, by using news bites that Lois listens to. He makes the reader aware of these injustices in the real world, while focusing on his character’s drive to do the right thing. The juxtaposition hits home, and can inspire the reader to care about current events (and those affected) more deeply. With so many issues that seem to stem from selfish, money-grubbing people, Rucka also allows the reader to acknowledge that they are not alone in their feelings of anger. Lois is a character who also sees these injustices, agrees that they must stop and will constantly work to expose the corruption. 

Lois Lane Panel


Mike Perkins draws the characters to support Rucka’s story, but some details can get lost in the addition of lines that seem unneeded. Specifically, rain over characters in this manner make it almost difficult to discern the panel’s content. Maybe this was done on purpose to set the tone; if so, the tactic was lost on me. I also feel that the shape of Lois Lane’s face changes over the course of the book. That being said, Perkins generally gets his points across. The snapshot photo panels that lay over one another are interesting, and create great action. It’s enjoyable to see this layout, rather than the normal layout of comic pages.

As with the last issue, Paul Mount’s colors are drab on purpose, and that accentuates the sleuth feel of the comic. Almost to the point of noir, the colors move from back alleys, to murder scenes, to everyday Lois, then to the action or danger, all with great impact. Lois Lane’s purple eyes and small accents of purple in her clothing make sure to create a symbolic color connection to the character. The purple makes her pop from the muted and dark colors that surround her. 

Nicola Scott’s variant cover also shows this pop of purple. This variant is beautifully done. We see the danger Lois Lane is in and her perseverance to get the story, no matter what. We see determination on her face and a pen in hand, taking every opportunity to get the story figured out. This cover by Scott is eye catching, and even if somebody did not know Lois, this cover is visually engaging enough to potentially draw their interest.


Overall, the writing in this book is the draw for me. Greg Rucka really does a great job balancing Lois Lane’s personality, her relationships, real life corruption, and hope for the future. If you are like me, stressing over the current political state (wondering what you can do to help those in distress, what will become of us) can take its toll. Lois Lane represents a persistently hopeful attitude, an escape we need to recharge. Yet, her story is also a reminder not to lose sight of the important things; life, love and truth. Thank you, Greg and crew, for giving us an every day non-powered hero.  

Verdict: 4 out of 5

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