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DEADPOOL ANNUAL #1 / Writer: Dana Schwartz / Pencils: Reilly Brown / Inkers: Nelson DeCastro with Craig Yeung / Colors: Matt Herms with GURU-eFX / Letters: VS’s Joe Sabino / Cover Artists: Aaron Kuder and Michael Garland / Publisher: Marvel Comics / Release Date: August 21, 2019

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Day in the Life of Deadpool

Don’t you hate it when a mailman interrupts your arcade game, shooting anti-vaxxer’s babies with vaccines, to give you a letter from a kid? Only to find out that the kid who needed your help wanted Squirrel Girl, not Deadpool! Well, Wade Wilson showed up, so now he is tasked with helping this 8-year-old kid get rid of his nightmares. He steals from Doctor Strange and enters the dream realm only to find Nightmare, the personification of nightmares. Will Deadpool kill the nightmare affecting his new little friend or will he make a poor assumption killing someone in real life? Who knows, but it’s a fun and sarcastic ride.

First Time?! Deadpool Approves

This is Dana Schwartz’s first comic book and you would never know. She writes the medium like a pro, starting with an engaging beginning, rumpus sarcasm filled adventuring middle and an ending that leaves you wondering and wanting more. She knows Deadpool in all his pop culture, verbal diarrhea, and violent acting glory. Schwartz doesn’t just rely on Deadpool’s inappropriateness to be entertaining through. She crafts a story through a realm of mystery while pulling in historical figures and potential serious situations.

Through the story, we see Deadpool’s heart as well. He may be flippant and attention-seeking but he puts his life on hold to help a child. When he thinks that child may be in danger in real life, he acts on the child’s behalf. Schwartz has also allowed us to see Nightmare from a new perspective. Although, his threatening nature seems to fold rather easily in the face of Deadpool. This is Nightmare’s realm, no matter who is in it, he should be more threatening than depicted. That being said, the villain comes across evil even with a lack of many obstacles for the Merc with the Mouth.

Deadpool annual panel 1


The artistic team of Reilly Brown and Nelson DeCastro with Craig Yeung complements the story Schwartz has created. They manage to create distinct worlds of creepiness and goofiness to show the lead character’s personality and what he is up against. As a lover of gnomes, the threatening gnome smile they created will haunt my dreams, as will the Squirrel Girl bedroom set up. Their playful art is able to evoke emotions and manipulate each panel’s tone. They especially excel in bringing Nightmare’s presence, his dark unicorn Pegasus, and the Dreamons to life on the page. These creations are fantastic, even if Nightmare looks a tad like another mentioned Dream king.

Deadpool Annual Panel 2

Matt Herms with GURU-eFX produce gorgeous coloring of the entire book. Who knew green was so menacing? The juxtaposition between the colors in the real world and the black and greens of the dreamworld pop the reader in and out of reality effectively. Again, Nightmare’s world is executed fantastically, especially against Deadpool’s trademark Red suit. The shading on the Pegasus with Nightmare on its back is beautifully shaded from the blackness of the horse to the granular bright greens of the background. Although, I’m not going to lie. I had hoped I would see the Pegasus and rainbow that Aaron Kuder and Michael Garland created for their crazy cover.


Overall, I really enjoyed this book. The constant sass from Deadpool moves the book forward while also making the reader giggle. The art team did a fantastic job creating worlds and evoking emotion. Dana Schwartz came into the comic book world swinging and I’m looking forward to seeing what she does next.

Verdict: 4 out of 5

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