REVIEW: Agents of SHIELD: s6e11 “From the Ashes”

AoS Ashes Dream

WARNING! SPOILERS AHEAD!  From the ashes of the past may lie the solution for the future. Sarge has Coulson’s (clone) body and his memories, but locked away are his own, buried in the ashes of hundreds of years he’s been corporeal. What happens if Sarge’s memories surface? What happens if Coulson’s do? A better question: What happens if Sarge gains control of the memories of both rider and ridden?

AoS Ashes Sarge

At the Lighthouse, the team searches valiantly for a way to find Yo-Yo and Mack while Deke and Fitz-Simmons find a way to stop Izel. Deke’s move from outsider to team player felt a little forced, but Jeff Ward excels in portraying his bubbling determination to, this time, not alienate his grandfather. Meanwhile, Daisy and May argue about Sarge. It’s quite a conundrum. Do they want Coulson back, or this being powerful enough to stop Izel? If Sarge’s memories do return, will he side with Izel? With Mack gone, I thought May, being his right hand, would be in charge, but Daisy is back leading…or they are leading together? The chain of command seems rather unclear. My favorite part of “From the Ashes” is after Daisy awakens Sarge’s powers.

Sarge: Come on! What are you waiting for? Kill me Skye!

“Skye!” – a name that only Coulson would use. He’s always had trouble remembering her name change when emotional. It seems Sarge is a new consciousness with remnants of both Coulson and the being within him.. He is Coulson enough that he tries to seek death, rather than risk having the rider’s memories awake and side with Izel.

AoS Ashes Daisy's hug

In the B-Plot, Izel searches for a temple to open a gateway to her dimension. Her plot is rather straightforward and unremarkable. It is simply more playing people off each other and manipulating the players . A lot of it is obvious. Of course, when Yo-Yo wakes up, Izel is in Mack. Yo-Yo is a SHIELD spy. How she doesn’t realize this, is beyond me. She should never have told him that Benson is the only one with knowledge about the temples. Of course, Yo-Yo will stand behind Mack/Izel to signal to Benson “it’s a trap.” Of course, Mack will take the time they are locked in a containment pod to admit he still has feels for Yo-Yo. What better time is there? I know it’s a nitpicky, but when Izel is in a body and doesn’t have to pretend to be the person she’s riding, she shouldn’t have their accent. For that matter, if she has control of their bodies without their memories, then she shouldn’t have Yo-Yo’s accent ever.

In general, the A-plot was far superior to the B-Plot. The increased tension of not knowing drives the plot: not knowing the location of the Zephyr, not knowing how to stop Izel, not knowing…well, pretty much anything about Sarge. Daisy and May show the two sides of Sarge. May appeals to the memories of Coulson. Daisy snaps his neck to enrage him and draw out the power of the rider. She sits there, waiting for Sarge to awaken from the ashes of death, calm as can be, demanding analysis from Team Fitz-Simmons.

MY VERDICT: 3.5 out of 5

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