REVIEW: Valkyrie: Jane Foster # 1

Valkyrie: Jane Foster #1 / Writer: Al Ewing & Jason Aaron / Artist: CAFU / Colorist: Megan Hetrick / Letterer: Joe Sabino / Marvel / Release Date: 7/25/2019

Everything’s coming up Jane Foster!

As if a Jane Thor movie being announced wasn’t exciting enough, we have the first issue of Jane Foster: Valkyrie as well! Good thing it’s an absolutely amazing first issue and a really exciting set up for what’s to come!

So, with the War of the Realms over and everyone trying to find themselves again, Jane’s trying to balance being a Valkyrie and a doctor, but failing miserably. Mostly because being a superhero again is so much fun, at least a first. She is quickly busted down to the morgue, where she’s now… basically ferrying the dead in both her human and Valkyrie life. For Jane, who’s been a dedicated doctor her whole life, I cannot imagine the conflict this creates. 

How this squares with her innate need to save people and help them is clearly where the story is going to go and that’s a very smart move on the part of Aaron and Ewing. 

Team Up!

It’s difficult to say who’s writing what, since this series has a more dramatic tone than Ewing’s previous Asgard-adjacent series Loki: Agents of Asgard (though there’s some very endearing interactions between Jane and her human ally Lisa Hollaran from War of the Realms: Omega). On the other hand, it’s not as downright terrifying as Immortal Hulk, not even close. Jason Aaron explains in the afterword he’s going back to Jane’s life balance between being Thor and human, but this time Jane’s not got the looming spectre of her own death on the horizon (YET)…. Just a lot of other people’s.

New Artist

Cafu’s art, whilst more grounded than Dauterman’s swirling wonders, is such a treat. It’s confident, bold and striking. The colours are similarly more muted this time around, but there’s a reverence to them- they remind me of a stained glass window. There’s one panel in particular with Brunhilde and Jane that made me audibly gasp at how beautiful it is. Not to mention… chilling. It was alluded to in a previous interview with Ewing, from when Marvel first announced Jane’s Valkyrie series, and it’s clearly going to be the new theme going forward. 

And y’all know how much I love a good theme discussion. What’ll be the difference between a ‘role’ and a ‘job’? Jane isn’t the same kind of superhero she was when she was Thor- being a Valkyrie comes with a specific responsibility. 

The issue ends with a shocking death and a fight already foreshadowed in the cover for issue two. I cannot wait. 

It’s so good to see how far Jane Foster has come and how much we’ve got to look forward to. 

Verdict: 5 out of 5

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