REVIEW: Star Wars Age Of Resistance: Captain Phasma #1

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Star Wars Age Of Resistance: Captain Phasma #1 / Writer: Tom Taylor / Pencils: Leonard Kirk / Inks: Cory Hamscher / Colors: GURU-eFX / Lettering: VCs Travis Lanham / Origin Article: Bryan Young / Publisher: Marvel Comics / Published date: June 10th, 2019

Captain Phasma Cover

Captain Phasma the Survivor

Captain Phasma has always been a survivor. In Star Wars Age Of Resistance, the Fallen Guns story we see why. After the Empire falls, the First Order forms and Phasma’s brutal strategic plans begin to gain traction for the bad guys. From the perspective of stormtrooper KM-8713, we see how Captain Phasma is perceived and how she leads.

Never Meet Your Heroes

Tom Taylor reminds us to never meet, or in this case, be noticed by your heroes. Stormtrooper KM-8713 looks up to Captain Phasma as a leader and wants to be just like her. The problem is that the stormtrooper has compassion for her fellow soldiers, something Captain Phasma finds weak. Taylor shows the reader how manipulative Phasma can be to get her way and how disposable those around her are. Others are just tools, or “guns in her hands”, not living beings. She is hard and even when it seems she is giving an opportunity to another, alterior motive and lack of compassion will prevail. 

This story does feel more like KM-8713’s story than it does Captain Phasma’s. Taylor has the reader in the stormtroopers head. He makes you feel for her and connect to her emotions. Due to this Captain Phasma’s cold chrome appearance becomes her personality. If this was the point then it was well done, but I wish I could have gotten to know the Captain better. Luckily, Bryan Young’s article on Captain Phasma’s origin in the back was a good background on the character. Although, how she got her name is very disappointing.

Captain Phasma panel


Leonard Kirk & Cory Hamscher’s artwork was distinct and full of well thought out action. Often in scenes of war the action can get muddied, but this was clear and accentuated how bad-ass Captain Phasma can be. The full two page introduction to Captain Phasma is beautiful. It shows the chaos of war surrounding a completely controlled and composed Captain Phasma. Even in the office scene this duo manages to depict the Captain’s intensity with a panel of just one eye.

Captain Phasma Panel 2

Captain Phasma’s Shiny Armor

GURU-eFX’s colors support and boost this wonderful artwork. Captain Phasma’s chrome suit of armor has become notorious and the colorist does not let the reader down. Ever panel with Phasma has her suit shining and reflecting. Whether she is in the reds and oranges of war or the blues and purples of her office, the glint off her armor is present. The color comparison of KM-8713 to Captain Phasma is impactful. The differences created by the entire artistic team shows how special Captain Phasma is and Young’s article shows us she made herself that way for a reason.


Overall, I enjoyed this book, but was left wanting more of Captain Phasma beyond what others saw her to be. Taylor made us see her brutality as well as understand her manipulation. The artwork worked amazingly together to support Taylor’s story. It’s too bad we won’t be able to see the development of KM-8713 as she would have been an interesting contrast to Captain Phasma’s personality. If you want to know more about this character, I think it’s good to pick this book up, but be aware that you will be outside looking in.

Verdict: 4 out of 5

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