REVIEW: Star Wars #68

Star Wars 68 Threepio

Star Wars #68 / Writer: Greg Pak / Artist: Phil Noto / Letterer: VC’s Clayton Cowles / Cover Artist: Phil Noto / Published July 10th, 2019

Star Wars 68 Cover Chewie Threepio

The Star Wars saga continues with a new creative team. The Rebellion is on the run, after suffering several devastating defeats and only a few narrow victories, they are searching for a new location for their hidden base, while the Empire actively searches the galaxy for the Rebels.

The Rebels have a plan to hopefully keep the Empire from discovering the true location of their potential bases. They are splitting up our heroes: Han, Luke, Leia, Chewbacca, and C-3PO, sending them to create distractions and diversions to keep the Empire off balance. Han Solo and Princess Leia are being sent to the criminal world of Lanz Carpo to make the Empire think the Rebels have invaded the planet and convinced the corrupt government to join the Rebellion. Luke Skywalker is being sent to pull the Imperial fleet away from a Rebel refueling station, while Chewie and Threepio are sent to rig a trap for the Empire by detonating a volcanically unstable planet. It doesn’t take long for all of these plans to run into problems.

Greg Pak provides a solid story to begin this new arc. Splitting up the heroes is not always a popular choice, but taking the heroes and forcing them to be on their own sets up an obstacle for each of them to overcome in addition to whatever problems they may face along the way. By the end of the issue, they all face some major issue that was not in the plan.

Phil Noto’s art gives each of the three planets a distinct look and color palette, making it that much easier to follow the individual stories. Noto’s work on the heroes is good, each one is instantly recognizable but doesn’t feel like a trace or copy of what we’ve seen in the films. As Star Wars #68 is mostly setup, we don’t get much action, but the artwork keeps the story visually interesting while all the pieces are getting set into motion.

Star Wars 68 Luke Artoo X-wing

Star Wars #68 sets up a lot, but it’s a promising beginning. Each of our heroes is facing a unique type of threat that they may or may not be equipped to deal with. I’m curious to see where they are taking us. It’s no secret that I had problems with the previous creative teams, so I’m excited to see more Star Wars stories coming from this creative team.

VERDICT 4 out of 5

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