REVIEW: Spider-Gwen: Ghost Spider #10

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SPIDER-GWEN: GHOST SPIDER #10 / Writer: Seanan McGuire / Artists: Takeshi Miyazawa & Rosi Kampe / Color Artist: Ian Herring / Letterer: VC’s Clayton Cowles / Cover Artist: Bengal / Published July 3rd, 2019

Spider-Gwen 10 cover Mary Janes

Spider-Gwen has been having problems with the Venom symbiote that gives her powers. She has been ignoring the problems as best she can, but they’re getting worse. With a brief respite after villainous attacks, she seeks out help from the symbiote experts on not only her world of Earth-65 but also Earth-616.

On Earth-65, the Venom symbiote was created by a Dr. Elsa Brock, who has mysteriously disappeared. Unfortunately, with Gwen’s powers on the fritz, she is not able to investigate that disappearance. Instead, she goes to the next best thing, jumping to a parallel Earth and seeking out the help of Peter Parker and Eddie Brock of Earth-616 because, when you can’t get an appointment with your doctor, you just hop over to the nearest parallel Earth to get help.

However, things don’t get any better once she arrives on Earth-616. Her powers begin to cut out completely. It seems her symbiote doesn’t respond very well to being on another Earth. She eventually meets up with Spider-Man, but before he can help her, the evil Swarm attacks the Natural History Museum. Punching a dinosaur made of evil bees can be very therapeutic when you are a superhero having a bad day. Along the way, Gwen finally embraces the new hero moniker that they have been building towards, Ghost Spider.

Seanan McGuire’s script has Gwen dealing with and finally accepting the fact that she needs help with her powers. It feels very real and relatable. Asking for help is hard. We all put off problems, including medical issues, until they can no longer be ignored. It’s still a very fun read as well – Gwen and Peter’s time together is great, as the two play off each other very well. I’ve always enjoyed Gwen’s time on Earth-616 and thought she should stay here permanently.

Spider-Gwen 10 Spider-Man Swarm

Takeshi Miyazawa and Rosi Kampe’s art is good. The action flows well, with Gwen and Peter’s moves being uniquely their own. The fight with Swarm is classic spider action. Ian Herring’s colors on top make this a great-looking book. The color changes between Earth-65 and Earth-616 help keep it clear where we are in the story as it hops back and forth between the two Earths.

My only real issue with Spider-Gwen: Ghost Spider #10 is that, while it’s a fun read and an enjoyable issue, it feels very much like a filler between two story arcs. Gwen is in much the same place at the beginning as she is at the end. I like the direction this story arc has been going, and I want to see what’s next for Gwen.

VERDICT 4 out of 5

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