REVIEW: Second Coming #1

SECOND COMING #1 / Writer: Mark Russell / Artist: Richard Pace / Inker: Leonard Kirk / Colorist: Andy Troy / Cover Artist: Amanda Connor & Paul Mounts / Letterer: Rob Steen / Publisher: Ahoy Comics / July 10, 2019

Second Publisher

The Second Coming is a comic book about the biblical Jesus learning about the world from a modern day superhero. The publication, though, had a little hiccup at the start. First, it received backlash about a Superman-look-a-like and Jesus fighting bad guys on a cover drawn by the talented Amanda Connor (Harley Quinn, Jonah Hex). After that, DC Vertigo announced a bunch of new upcoming titles. Those two things resulted in the comic’s creators changing publishers.

Now at Ahoy Comics, Mark Russell (Wonder Twins, The Lone Ranger) and Richard Pace (Imaginary Fiends) bring us their personal opinion—or blasphemy—with a fresh interpretation of Jesus come to earth. Jesus wants to learn from Sunstar, a Superman archetype, about how to deal with the good and evil in the world. All-in-all, it’s a fun journey. However, it is intended for older readers and people who have a concept of Jesus and Superheroes since the issue doesn’t really take time to explain the later. As such, it’s a fair assumption that readers would have a basis of what the problems about before they read it. Can’t judge a book by its cover… Oh, wait, that’s what thousands of people did. Anyway, here’s a fair review of a solid comic.

A Friend in Jesus

The first half of the book rehashes Genesis through to the Crucifixion, biblically speaking. It contains some slashing but fair satire on the whole ordeal. In this, God, Jesus’s Dad (not Jesus if you get confused), is your classic Dad. He has unrealistic expectations of his Son and the people he created based on actual worries and descriptions of him from the Old Testament.

The second part presents Sunstar, who introduces the concept of superheroes. This part comes with a shift in art style from the pseudo realistic Sistine Chapel Holy art to a more classic looking superhero style. Both styles are beautifully done by Richard Pace. Sunstar deals with a modernized Lois and Clark struggle involving a human and superhero relationship. God witnesses Sunstar being a superhero and decides to leave his son with him to learn. So the pair of classic savior figures goes around, Sunstar fighting bad guys, Jesus dropping knowledge, and we get a good story.


This issue isn’t just about an interpretation of Jesus. It’s also a story about parents and children, fathers, and sons, in particular. Additionally, it’s an original and meaningful story that retcons Jesus’s origins by developing his non-described carpenter years from the bible. People should read and think about it before they get offended. In the end, this is the beginning of an exciting new series by one of comics best up-and-coming writers. Trigger warning: it is meant for older readers. It’s on the cover anyway—just shop responsibly.

Verdict: 5 out of 5

REVIEW: The Closing Doors

SECOND COMING #1 / Writer: Stuart Moore / Artist: Cayetano Valenzuela / Letterer: Rob Steen / Publisher: Ahoy Comics / July 10, 2019

Short Story

Apparently, this story comes with a second different story by comic writing veteran Stuart Moore (Legion of Superheroes and Wolverine Noir) about society through the form of a dystopian subway line. Excellent read, a lot of metaphor and scary thoughts, but you clicked this link for the first review. Anyway, I liked the short story.

Verdict: 5 out of 5

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