REVIEW: Agents of SHIELD s6e7 “Toldja”


WARNING! SPOILERS AHEAD! With Sarge in custody and Agent Daisy Johnson’s team home, SHIELD interrogates Sarge and his team. At the same time, Enoch and Agents Fitz-Simmons are back on Kitson. With the full cast, Agents of SHIELD is on fire…and I want to punch the Coulson lookalike.


A necessary B-plot to move Fitz-Simmon’s story forward, their escape from Kitson drags and feels like filler. Our beloved team has been separated for 7 episodes now and I want the family back together. Hopefully, this will be the last of the split. Unfortunately, Enoch says goodbye to his bestie as he chooses to fight for the survival of his people, taking his wonderful dry humour with him.

Agents Of SHIELD Fitz-Simmons


If Fitz-Simmons were once the “science babies” does that make Deke the “science puppy?” His puppy love for Daisy is adorable. Jeff Ward’s acting never ceases to amaze me as he goes from a dopey lovesick puppy to angry, grieving science nerd. I love the fact that he’s still a large kid.

Deke: Besides the fact that this completely proves my entire multiverse theory, ‘cause I’m still here, there’s a second Fitz?!

Agent Johnson’s return opens the dialogue to the fan point of view. Whether it’s commentary about Mack’s relationship with Yo-Yo or her reaction to Sarge, Daisy reacts as we would. Plus she washes the hair gel out and removes the plastic, spacey look that irritated me. She is on target, looking great, and kicking butt.

Agents Of SHIELD Mack and Deke

Paired in scenes with Mack, Sarge reveals more of his personality. He has devoted his existence to fighting the Shrike. He is as clueless about his complete DNA match to Agent Coulson as everyone else. His cockiness proves warranted, as the danger leaves the agents no choice but to listen to him or lose the Zephyr. I crave a team up. It makes more sense to work together to save the planet than at cross purposes.

Mack: I guess we know why he didn’t want our help. He wasn’t sick.

Daisy: He was turning into a dragon.

My Verdict 4 out of 5.

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