REVIEW: Agents of SHIELD s6e10 “Leap”


WARINING! SPOILERS AHEAD!  With only four episodes remaining, tension ramps up with our favorite team, now all reunited. In this episode, Izel leaps from body to body looking for the monoliths destroyed last season. Each leap creates more and more suspense until her final leap into an Inhuman.

Non-corporeal beings are the absolute bloody worst. That is, unless they are Ghost Rider–a happy shout out in this episode. Mark Kolpack again amazes us with his vfx for Izel as she phases in and out of each body, especially during the bug stand-off. In addition to Izel, Sarge is non-corporeal? In a rather convoluted plot twist, when the monoliths exploded last season, they created a hole into another dimension. When Coulson risked everything to contain the rift, including entering said rift, the rift cloned him and Sarge took Coulson clone’s body. 

AoS Leap Sarge

Before getting to the fascinating part of this, I just want to say “Coulson’s a clone.” The writing staff again respects and nods to us fans, finally paying off one of the three predominant theories running around since season one. After the leap into Coulson’s body, Sarge lost all memories of his life. The shadows he sees when he closes his eyes are Coulson’s memories. Can you even clone memories? This goes back to the Star Trek episode that created Thomas Riker. The transporter had split and reassembled two Rikers with all the same memories up to the point of the transporter accident. Now that Sarge has all of Coulson’s memories, will he be more Coulson or more Sarge?

Coulson’s a clone.

Secra, staff writer

The main plot hinges on a whodunit. At the end of last week May shot Sarge…with a gun. A smoking gun, if you will, since guns are out of character for her. It’s exciting to watch realization leap into our team’s eyes as they figure out Izel’s plans. The B-plot of Sarge not dying, tying into the A-plot in the same week, is unexpected. But the biggest and most tragic surprise is Izel’s blow to the team during the stand-off.

AoS Leap RIP Agent Davis

Agent Davis, we will miss you. When you joined us at the beginning of season four, a named red shirt, I promised to not get attached to you. Still you stuck around, defying death all season, only to be crushed in AIDA’s attack on the base. Imagine my thrill last season when you returned–alive! Agent Kim may have been tired of hearing how you survived AIDA’s attack on the base, but I wish I could have heard it even once. You leave behind a wife, a child, and the hearts of all your fans. Rest In Peace.

My Verdict: 5 out of 5

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