REVIEW: Lois Lane #1

LOIS LANE #1 / Writer: Greg Rucka / Artist: Mike Perkins / Colors: Paul Mounts / Letters: Simon Bowland / Variant Cover: Jenny Frison / Publisher: DC Comics / Publish Date: July 3rd, 2019

Lois Lane 1 Cover

Lois Lane

Any comic fan, no matter what they read, knows Lois Lane, whether as Superman’s lady love, a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, or both, you’ve heard about her. Now we get a look inside this tough-as-nails reporter’s life. Has she uncovered the ultimate truth to change the minds and hearts of those following a corrupt national leader? One can only hope. Will her life be at risk doing it? It’s likely.

Day in the Life of Truth

Writer Greg Rucka shows us the brave, workaholic, take-no-prisoners Lois Lane that we can’t help but love. The character is well rounded and well connected to her history while also showing her compassion veiled in pursuit of the truth. Rucka gives us a slice of Lois Lane by showing what a day in her life is like, from how she treats the cleaning woman at the hotel, to walking to work, to taking down dishonesty on a national scale. Her day is extremely packed, and readers will love every moment.

In addition, Rucka allows her to show her power, even though she is merely human. Her power of conviction affects those around her into rallying for the truth while also getting others to work for her towards the same goal. As a reader of Superman, I also appreciated Rucka’s tie-in comment about the current run and secrets kept. He has also created one of the hottest shower scenes I’ve seen in comics for a while! Best part is that neither character is grossly objectified. It is about their relationship and is beautifully done!

Art and Respect for Lois Lane

Which leads to Mike Perkins art. That shower and intimate scene in particular is drawn beautifully, respectfully, and attractively. It supports the dialog without falling into the trap of going overboard. This artist truly respects Lois Lane through the entire comic and never tries to make her about being someone’s wife or object. 

That being said, I’m not a huge fan of the style of art that uses a lot of shading to make characters feel more “real”. It just feels like it’s too dark or aged to me. The dark shading actually hinders our ability to see the expressions of the faces unless they are close-up panels. Although, some of these scenes should be dark, and Perkins’s art helps convey the severity of Lois’s convictions as well as the devious scene unfolding in Moscow.

Lois Lane Panel

Paul Mounts’s colors for this book work well paired with Perkins’s dark drawings. The tones are earthy and muted, fitting for a sleuthing storyline. The night scene in Moscow, with the coloring of the evil characters at night and reflections of fire tones, is haunting. I also appreciate the purple accents on Lois Lane throughout the book, to go with her famous purple eyes, even if those eyes are hard to see the majority of the time. One panel in particular at the end had those eyes glowing beautifully, and that is due to Mounts’s skill.

Frison’s Variant

I also have to mention the absolute beauty of Jenny Frison’s variant cover, which I prefer to Perkins’s cover. It is breathtakingly gorgeous! You can see it in the header of this review, while Perkins’s cover is the full cover used. The difference in detail, the subtlety of shading, and the ability to get Lois Lane’s personality across in one frame is evident, not to mention Frison’s ability to create such an eye catching cover with movement, even though it just features the main character and a pen. She is brilliant, and it’d be interesting to see how she’d draw the whole book.

Relevant and Empowering

Overall, I enjoy this book and anyone wanting to know more about Lois Lane should pick it up! I had never really been interested in getting to know Lois better, but I’m glad I picked this issue up. It’s nice to see someone who is “just human” doing their part to better the world. She shows us that any of us can find the truth and stand up to those spreading lies, hurting others to benefit their wallets, or trying to sidestep and degrade those who won’t believe their crap. She is empowering, and I’m glad Rucka and this team are currently creating such a relevant, brave book featuring this woman of truth!

Verdict: 4 out of 5

Danielle is a lover of all things comics, superheros, fantasy, and supernatural. She is a Doctorate of Education student, while working full time event planning for a University. When not working or comic reading, she can be found snuggling her dog, Sir Dublin Von Fuzzypants or her husband Dave.

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