REVIEW: The Flash #72

The Flash #72 / Writer:  / Artist:  Joshua Williamson / Artist: Howard Porter / Colorists: HI-FI / Inkers: Ruy Jose & Beladino Brabo / Letterer: Steve Wands / Cover Artist: Howard Porter & HI-FI / Publisher: DC Comics / Published: June 12, 2019

Running Shoes

The Flash: Year One continues to be an original and fun look at the origin of Barry Allen as he figures out being the fastest man alive. Joshua Williamson (Birthright) and Howard Porter (JLA) present a fresh look at Barry in their Rebirth run. It’s something the character hasn’t had since Geoff Johns brought this scarlet speeder back in 2010. This take has been sorely needed in an era of Wally West fans. Barry has needed his own voice in the modern light, and these authors have perfectly crafted a wondrous and relatable one for readers to enjoy.

Porter House

Howard Porter is one of my favorite comic book artists. In this, I love seeing his designs on an experimental Flash suit and early villains. Heck, I even admire his designs of young Barry, Iris, and August. The man knows how to draw the Flash, the ensuing supporting cast, and the antagonists. Then he flaunts that fact in all the best ways.

Finding Flash

This issue had me at the first panel with Barry Allen trying out superhero trash talk for the first time against the Turtle. From there the novice speedster bumbles his way through the issue in his own learning-as-he-goes kind of way. Meanwhile, the issue drops subtle hints at the start of niche Flash mythos. It includes aspects like the construction of Iron Heights, Iris’s nephews, and even old school crooks like Clive Yorkin. Then it layers in new details to Captain Cold’s iconic glasses. From there the story goes to a heart-wrenching cliffhanger, as is Williamson’s style, that puts the fear of everything back into the tale.

Verdict: 4 out of 5

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