REVIEW: Swamp Thing s1e1- “Pilot”

Swamp Thing Derek Mears


If you imagined Swamp Thing  to be anything like the 90’s live action show on USA, you’ll be in for a surprise when you view the latest edition to the DC Universe channel. Think less Beauty and the Beast with an environmental message and more gothic horror. Let’s delve into the mystery of the swamp.

A Strong Beginning

Most shows start their season/series with an information dump. Who are the players? What has everyone been doing? The plot lags and feels overwhelmed with all the information bombarding me. Not Swamp Thing! Subscribing to “show, don’t tell,” this show hits the ground running with little exposition and plenty of action, opening with the swamp attacking a boat. The VFX team truly brings the swamp to life in a horrifying manner. I screamed at least once and shuddered many times on viewing.

Swamp Thing On the Swamp

The plot of Swamp Thing is this: Mutagenic chemicals have been dumped in the swamp bringing it to life. Abby Arcane, a CDC doctor, travels home to stop the epidemic caused by the swamp and teams up with Alec Holland to solve the mysterious problem. The protagonists are flawed. Dr Holland faked a paper, and Dr Arcane claims to have killed her best friend. The death of Abby’s best friend turns Mrs. Sutherland into a sympathetic antagonist.

Swamp Thing Autopsy

Swamp Questions

I have a few questions as I wait impatiently for Friday to get here.

  1. Will they expect us to believe that Alec fell for Abby in only one episode?
  2. How did Abby kill her best friend?
  3. Who do I thank for the nightmares I had after seeing Coyle split in two by swamp tentacles?
  4. What is Mr. Sutherland’s role in the swamp mutation?
  5. Where are Abby’s parents?
  6. How wise it is really to watch Swamp Thing before bed?

My verdict: 4.5 out of 5

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