REVIEW: Superman: Leviathan Rising #1

SUPERMAN: LEVIATHAN RISING #1 / Writers: Brian Michael Bendis, Greg Rucka, Matt Fraction, & Marc Andreyko / Artists: Yanick Paquette, Mike Perkins, Steve Lieber, Eduardo Pansica, & Julio Ferreira / Colorists: Nathan Fairbairn, Paul Mounts, and FCO Plascencia / Letterer: Dave Sharpe, Simon Bowland, Clayton Cowles, Tom Napolitano, & ALW’s Troy Peteri / Cover Artist: Yanick Paquette & Nathan Fairbairn / Publisher: DC Comics / Published: May 29, 2019


How do you beat Superman?

This book had one of my favorite villain scenes followed by one of my favorite Clark Kent moments ever. So the mysterious Leviathan talks with newer Supes villain Ms. Leone, leader of the Invisible Mafia from the first new Action Comics arc about how she would take down Superman. She tells him to go for a soft target, explains how Lois Lane isn’t one, and then leaves him to it. They choose Clark Kent. This leads into what looks like will be the most genuine Superman story in years involving Lois Lane, Jimmy Olsen, and Supergirl, among other DC Characters, to find Superman and defeat Leviathan.

Lois and Jimmy

The middle two parts of this one-shot are the beginnings of a Lois story by Greg Rucka and a Jimmy story by Matt Fraction that will lead into two series by the same creative teams. Both tales are a hunt for the missing Superman story with Lois going in an investigative reporter route while Jimmy runs naked through Gorilla city while on a book tour. Both stories fully enrapture the feel of the characters. They also both seem to address a long-ignored part of the Superman mythos. I’m excited to see more of this.


I’ve failed to keep up with Marc Andreyko’s Supergirl run, but this issue got me curious to see her relation to the spy networks of the DC Universe, and I might actually start picking up the book. I’m excited to see more Kate Spencer Manhunter in that story as well.

A Superman Event

Bendis has been leading into this awesome crossover event with his recent Action Comics arc for months, and the story seems to have all the makings of a good one with star-studded creators and iconic characters to work with. This issue separates into four stories that will be further told in later series and the Leviathan event. It’s a solid beginning, though some tone changes from writer to writer throws it off at times. Regardless, I am excited for this event.

Verdict: 3.5 out of 5

Side Note: I spent about twenty minutes googling for when Clark Kent interviewed Ra’s Al Ghul based off a random statement in this book and couldn’t find it. So here’s hoping Bendis writes that for us or someone tells me what I’m missing.

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