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Marvel Team Up #3 / Writer: Eve L. Ewing / Artists: Joey Vazquez with Moy R. / Color: Felipe Sobreiro / Publisher: Marvel Comics / Date Published: June 5th, 2019

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Team-up and Swap

This Marvel Team-up is the final book in the 3 part series of Ms. Marvel and Spider-man teaming up and even switching bodies here and there. Our heroes have endured each other’s lives randomly switching back and forth at inopportune times while also trying to find the scientist that may be able to help them get back to normal. They have had to learn each other’s powers, social lives, and work. In the process they have grown to appreciate their own lives and especially being in their own skin.

Character Struggles

Eve L. Ewing has a skilled hand in guiding these two in their journey of otherness. She makes poignant remarks on our society’s judgments of others and how it feels to when uncomfortable in the body they inhabit. These subtle political hot button issues are concealed the comedy of the situation, Spidey puns, and Kamela’s geeky teen moments.

She also makes us all appreciate what we have. Through the eyes of two heroes wanting to go back to their regular lives, we see love for family and friends. Ewing shows us that there is depth and bravery to each character as well. Thus, the reader connects to their struggles, heroics, and ultimately their joy. The ending action did feel a bit rushed compared to the panels of them discussing the dangers associated with their decisions.

Marvel Team-up panel

Art Alive!

Joey Vazquez with Moy R. created artwork that gave life to the depth of emotions that were being portrayed. Their action panels were fun, easy to decipher, and supported the through line of the content. There is nothing better than knowing a giant Ms. Marvel hand is smashing so fast and hard its lines are blurred! (Well, maybe The Hulk’s doing the same thing?)

Pop of color

The colors done by Felipe Sobreiro were true to the characters while creating a fun atmosphere. When the duo step into the machine that will hopefully help them, the colors explode. That full page panel and the one following it are a symphony of bright colors that are beautifully arranged. Sobreiro then brings the reader back to earth by going back to a more realistic pallet.

Marvel Team-up panel2


Although, I was not a fan of the ending as I wanted more team ups for these two, I enjoyed this book. It was a good way to tie up a fun run. I loved that young readers will be able to be exposed to what it is like feeling like you are not in the right body. I was also worried that this concept could become creepy being that it involved an adult male and teenaged female, but it luckily did not. Ewing did a good job of not making that important or switching bodies for certain moments.

I will say that I never really enjoyed the scientist character which was disappointing. That being said, Spider-man and Ms. Marvel made for a great team up. I hope the next Marvel-Team up run with Captain Marvel and Ms. Marvel is just as fun!

Verdict: 4 out of 5

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