REVIEW: Agents Of SHIELD S6E6- “Inescapable”



No one can escape a prison of the mind, or so some believe. Agents of SHIELD, though, have freed themselves from one before. What makes this one different? Well, what happens when you place a split personality—one evil—in a mind prison? What mysteries unlock when two minds share the same prison? What emotions leak out? Join Fitz-Simmons as they stumble through an inescapable mind prison designed by the Chronicoms.

Fitz: But that would create all sorts of paradoxes

Simmons: You have no idea.

Atarah, the Chronicom leader, imprisoned Fitz-Simmons within their own minds in an attempt to learn the secret to time travel so she can save her destroyed planet. Throughout the entire series, Fitz remained adamant that time is fixed and can’t be changed. Watching his mind just blow apart from the realization that time not only can change, but did change, tickled a slightly sadistic part of me. 

Simmons: Oh, I almost forgot. You’re a grandfather.

Inescapable Ringu Simmons

More Backstory

This inescapable mind prison opened the fans to more background from our favorite science babies. From glimpsing the moment, Coulson asked them to join his team to Fitz learning about the deaths of him Coulson, these flashes of memories provoked many emotions between the two. The ensuing argument proved once again that the writers of the show listen to us fans, bringing up all the sticking points we complain about, like Simmons falling in love on Maveth. Lately, I’ve found the story between Fitz-Simmons old, rote, and boring. This week, DJ Doyle breathed life back into two characters I once loved.

Coulson: You know, when I first heard about you, I thought you were one person.

Inescapable Doctor Leapold Fitz

Darker Sides

In this mind prison, Jemma and Fitz are not alone. The fun twist of Doctor Leopold Fitz appearing and Simmon’s Ringu fear manifesting was delightful. The love between the evil parts of Fitz-Simmons just proved that they were meant to be together. Though the tired trope of learning to use your mind to manifest your rescue in a dream (mind prison) bored me back to Nightmare on Elm Street. In the end, though, DJ Doyle never fails to deliver the best episodes.

My Verdict: 4 out of 5

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