REVIEW: Agents Of SHIELD s6e5- “The Other Side”

The Other Side Zypher Crew


“The Other Thing” returned us to TAHITI with all of the bright colors from season one. It tackled relationships, kidnapping, and love, both on Earth and on the other side of the universe. It also showed that May was finally back in fighting form after last season’s accident.


Sarge: You keep staring like that, my head’s bound to catch fire.

This week we discovered that Sarge (faux Coulson) came to Earth to stop the parasite birds from ripping the planet apart. Wait! What? Didn’t we stop the Earth from breaking apart last season? And one other thing, if we fail this season, does the darkest timeline come back? The scenes with Ming Na Wen (Agent Melinda May) and Clark Gregg (Agent Coulson/ Sarge) developed artistically, flashing between the past and present. Visions of TAHITI satisfied those of us curious about Coulson’s final days. Ming Na Wen’s acting was en point as her character struggled with an enemy sharing the face of her dead love. And we still don’t have any answers. My vote is for #CoulsonsAClone.

The Other Side Agent May

On another note, Mac and Yo-Yo treated us to a painfully stilted conversation about relationships and loss. I understand Agent Keller died. Mac decided that as Director he couldn’t date Yo-Yo. Pfft! Romantic angst between Mac and Yo-Yo annoyed me both last week and this. This whole touchy-feely conversation lacked… emotion.


The Other Side Agent Piper & Agent Davis

On the other side of the universe, Agent Piper was still amazing. She and Agent Davis have been tearing it up with their buddy cop dynamic. In fact, the writers seem to give all the humour to the team in space. The Chronocoms delivered their deadpan lines with more realism (and emotion) than Mac and Yo-Yo did in their dialogue. The lack of emotion that portrays maybe bitterness in Altarah’s relationship with Enoch thrilled me to no end. Finally, we learned that the Chronocroms are surprisingly determined creatures—bloodthirsty too. They seemed a little too eager to kill the humans that were not useful.

My Verdict: 3.5 out of 5

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