REVIEW: Agents of SHIELD s6e4 “Code Yellow”

Agents of SHIELD Around the Bed

WARNING! SPOILERS AHEAD! Back on Planet Earth,the agents’ search for Sarge and his merry band continue on, while we FINALLY see what mischief Deke caused. At the end of last season, Deke’s existence remained foggy. Not knowing how the MCU was going to handle time theory (multiversal–they chose multiversal, duh), questions floated about. Was Deke erased? Did he leave? Did Agent Simmons even remember him? Who had the correct time theory, Deke with his multiversal theory or Fitz with his fixed time linear theory. (Deke, it was Deke.) All I’m going to say is that Daisy is so going to beat the crap out of Deke when she gets planetside.

When Deke discovers Sarge, he reminds us that he is the grandson of Fitz-Simmons. He may talk quickly and overshare, but he isn’t slow figuring out that this Coulson is a fake. Also Deke, not only recreated the Framework, but quickly employed it to capture one of Sarge’s people. Jeff Ward’s portrayal of the goofy genius caught out of time never fails to make me smile. Speaking of portrayals, showrunner Maureen Tanchereon’s Sequoia poked fun at professional social influencers. Mo was amazing in her role and I’d like to see more of her.

Agents Of SHIELD Deke & Maureen Tanchereon

Agent Keller’s death annoys the hell out of me. It’s Space Hog Face Will Daniels all over again. Why invest us in a character only to kill them off? Agent Keller had a name. It was Agent Keller. On any other show, this would make him not a red shirt. But this is not any other show. This is Agents of SHIELD, and on Agents of SHIELD,the writers enjoy our emotional suffering. On the other hand, I was downright drowning in the telenovela melodrama surrounding Yo-Yo and Agent Keller’s romance. Gag me. This romance ending brings about a sense of relief.

Agents of SHIELD Agent Keller


  1. What is Sarge’s agenda? Is it to create havok? To kill those parasites? To hunt down people outside of that particular universe?
  2. How many of those parasites are on Earth?
  3. Why is Sarge hunting these people?
  4. Are Mack and Yo-Yo going to get back together? (I don’t believe the telenovela is over)

My verdict: 4.5 out of 5

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