Braxton: Regenesis, an 120-Page Graphic Novel, Now on Kickstarter

A New Inclusive Superhero Universe Kicks-Off on Kickstarter: LIVE NOW!

On the run from a league of assassins with a bounty on her family’s head, a queer Black mother receives a chance to face her past with the help of a legendary tall-tale figure. Now she must choose between a life of running or a life that only exists to save others before herself and the person she loves most, her 8-year-old son

Just days ago Mayke (pronounced “make”), a brand-new media company developing a superhero universe that amplifies the voices of POC, WOC, LGBTQIA+, and persons with disabilities, launched a story featuring a Black queer mother in their first graphic novel, Braxton: Regenesis, the second chapter in a 7-book volume. After almost discarding the character due to creative difficulties, Braxton Sinclaire Turner, a character with a theme of second chances, was given one more and has become one of Mayke’s premiere characters. Braxton: Regenesis features a Black queer mother whose story helps us face our past to define our future, and is written by a Black mother, Stephanie Williams, and a queer Black woman, Valerie Complex.

Founder Ed Williams knew it was time to put creators behind characters who shared cultural and/or life experiences to provide a level of authenticity and depth to the cast. “We were interviewing Stephanie for position of Co-Character Director and she was curious about Braxton’s after-pregnancy life. Not a single one of us guys ever considered something like that. We completely dismissed that chapter in Braxton’s story. That’s when I knew our approach had to change. Sure. We could create the foundation for a good character, but creators who shared authentic relationships with our characters needed to be behind them to provide insight and experience that none of us could.”

Stephanie Williams and Valerie Complex have spent countless hours devoting themselves to the story, the character, and the world that must take place around her. The Mayke team has given their support, direction, and resources to Braxton: Regenesis and its creative team to finally reach the day where it’s Kickstarter ready.

The Kickstarter goal is $25,000 and will cover the following:

  • To finish production. The script is finished. Now we’re ready for art. In the past, we’ve self-funded our mini issues and Chapter Three: John Henry: The Passing. We’re super proud of that, but with a story this size, we wouldn’t be able to get this story to you without your help. 
  • To pay our creators.  They’re hard working and are providing invaluable time and expertise to create something epic. With your support we can properly thank them and dedicate more time to providing the best graphic novel experience we can produce.
  • To print. To handle printing + shipping costs and to make sure it’s in your hands.  

About Mayke Entertainment, LLC (Mayke): Formerly Arclight Comics, Mayke brings creators from all walks of life to put characters and stories into the world that give a voice to the voiceless in entertainment and media industries. We are a media company developing a superhero universe IP featuring POC, WOC, LGBTQIA+, and persons with disabilities through stories and characters intended to heal, transform, and inspire our communities.

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