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A Queen gets a King

Jack Kirby’s Fourth World gets a returning creator in a new medium this week as modern comic prodigy Tom King joins Selma and Wrinkle In Time director Ava DuVernay to script the hitherto release date to be ascertained New Gods motion picture. Tom King is known for his recent success for writing the New Gods adjacent maxi-series Mister Miracle with artist Mitch Gerads and shows a lot of promise in the creation of this film. That said this article would be more of a take on what the dynamic writing duo will be aiming to do with Kirby’s repeating Heaven versus Hell space opera.

New Genesis & Apokolips

If you’re new to Jack Kirby’s Fourth World and the many New Gods therein here’s the general premise. Highfather leads the gods of New Genesis while fighting a never-ending battle with Darkseid, ruler of Apokolips, who seeks the dangerous life-ending Anti-Life equation, then throw in a handful of colorful space gods, good and bad, with the usual Kirby crackle and that’s the gist of it. This situation leaves a lot of wiggle room for the writers to work with and given their imaginations, and plausible high amounts of currency going into the film, the sky’s the limit, but here are some possibilities I’d like to throw your way.

In the Beginning

Comic Book and Movie fans are reasonably tired of origin stories, but given the vast potential and originality of an exact origin of creation that shows how Highfather and Darkseid came to be could be an epic tale of love, loss, and devastation. This origin could be a story of the Old Gods leading into the New or even just a background of the DC Universe that could reboot and recover a semi-struggling film franchise.

Forever People

A lesser known part of the New Gods is the Forever People, a group of teens that can Captain Planet themselves into a nigh-omnipotent being called Infinity Man. This could give a glimpse of the teens of New Genesis interacting in the war between the two worlds that is one part fun adventure film as well as a sci-fi epic.

The Son Trade

A classic story of the New Gods is the tumultuous peace agreement between Highfather and Darkseid where they trade their sons giving Highfather a babe that would become the anger issued Orion and Darkseid one that becomes the master escape artist Mister Miracle. This could be a story of two men discovering themselves as outsiders amongst their own. Also, some amazing father and son confrontations that could rival Luke Skywalker’s daddy issues.

Death of the New Gods

Instead of a beginning, we could get an end story. Gods have their Ragnarök’s where all comes to an end, and here we could get the end of an era similar to Jim Starlin’s tale of the same name.  After the success of adapting Starlin’s Infinity Gauntlet story into the most successful superhero films of all time, it couldn’t hurt to give this a look.

The Great Escape

After King’s success on Mister Miracle, there are a chance fans can receive a Scott Free and Big Barda centered film. Be it a pure adaptation of King’s Mister Miracle series or a classic escape tale or a heist story involving the gods or even a Rogue One style mission to win the war. DuVernay has said Barda is her favorite superhero so we could get something closer to Kings couple centric story.

A Bug’s Life

Forager is a fan favorite character of Fourth World, and most recently Young Justice cartoon, fans. Which is interesting because he technically isn’t a New God, but a Bug that continually helps and saves the ungrateful Orion and crew. Known mostly for sacrificing himself, by fans of Starlin’s Space Odyssey, the potential for the character having a cool part in the movie is unprecedented, but being the focus of the film as a being surrounded by these New Gods would also be interesting.

In Good Hands

Those possibilities aside, whatever DuVernay and King decide to create has the potential and talent behind it to be an excellent movie. DuVernay has the experience in emotional epics dealing with ideals and sci-fi from her work on Salem and A Wrinkle in Time and King has experience in New Gods and space epics from his work on Mister Miracle and Omega Men. They could even throw in other DC Universe stuff to relate to the films, Superman or Green Lantern could reasonably show up for some reason, the potential is endless. If you aren’t already excited for this film, you need to start getting there now. New Gods is in place to become a pure adventure like no movie we’ve seen before. Move aside Star Wars, and Avatar the New Gods are coming to town.

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