Review: The Secret Life of Pets #1

THE SECRET LIFE OF PETS #1 / Writer: Stephane Lapuss / Artist: Goum / English Translation: Montana Kane / Publisher: Titan Comics / Date Published: May 22nd, 2019

Secret Life of Pets cover

Secret Life of Pets

The Secret Life of Pets #1 takes your favorite characters from the movie and places them in brief vignettes. These stories are mostly one-page snippets, with some two-page stories. This book is meant for children, but adults who like the movie can enjoy it as well.

Pet’s Perspective

Stephane Lapuss’s writing is absolutely delightful. The characters are in line with the Secret Life of Pets movie, but these are new “adventures.” Every pet owner will relate to these situations from their perspectives and giggle at the pets’ perspectives. For example, there is the Dachshund who gets excited all day that his owner is coming home, then the pup is too exhausted to greet the owner when he arrives. We all think our dogs sleep all day. Maybe they don’t? That being said, I could have done without a gag involving a white rain panel below some pigeons.

Lapuss also shows more of characters we don’t see much in the movie. For instance, Norman the Guinea Pig and the mean leader of the alley cats. There are even some characters the reader hasn’t seen before – it’s assumed we will in the sequel. Thus, this comic is a nice introduction to new characters in The Secret Life of Pets 2, while having fun getting to know the old characters.

Secret Life of Pets Art

The art by Goum is perfectly replicated from the movie. No artistic liberties seem to be taken, but the art is well drawn and vibrant. I especially liked the addition of page-number-sized characters above each story. Animals instead of numbers on pages will always be good in my book!

Goum’s cover with all the characters perfectly shows their personalities. The colors and expressions pop, catching the eye of passers by. It also lets the target audience know that there will be fun and mischief inside these pages.

More Fluff is Good Stuff

As a passionate Dog Mom to a big fluffy guy, I did hope to see more of Duke, but I can let that slide. Secret Life of Pets is the perfect light read after you’ve read your heavier War of the Realms or Batman title. It’s fun, adorable, and lighthearted. I recommend this for kids of all ages to enjoy. We need more delightful and fluffy writing like this nowadays!

Verdict: 4.5 out of 5

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