REVIEW: Fairlady #2

FAIRLADY #2 / Writer: Brian Schirmer / Artist: Claudia Balboni / Color Artist: Marissa Louise / Letterer: David Bowman / Cover Artist: Balboni & Louise / Publisher: Image Comics / Published: May 16, 2019

Real Detective, Fantasy World

There’s a detective, a case, criminals, and magic. It’s like a cop procedural but with dragons, and it works. Brian Schirmer and Claudia Balboni’s Fairlady continues to be an amazingly original book filled with stunning art and intriguing cases in what is quickly becoming my new favorite fantasy world. Jenner Faulds, the Fairlady, is investigating a murder case where a man was burned to death by a dragon, but there’s no body, no evidence, and no one she can trust. I’m amazed by how the story develops the characters through the cases much like your usual prime time detective show. Here, as in such a show, an episodic, case-by-case series of stories shows the characters and the world, but doesn’t explain them. For example, nothing has explained her awesome cat friend Oanu, but that doesn’t bother me; they live in a giant dead robot, but I don’t need to know why yet; there was a war, now there’s a new world order and Fairmen and… well there’s this whole complicated fantasy world with tons of Tolkien level history, but it doesn’t feel that way.

Case by Case

Like the first issue, Fairlady continues to be an awesome fantasy mystery featuring title character and future comic book icon Jenner Faulds. This book features Eisner-worthy story and art from an independent team doing their second book. The realistic but cartoonish style has a depth and detail every comic is trying to achieve, but makes it look effortless. The world is huge and fun, and I’m excited for the next case.

Verdict: 4 out of 5

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