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Angel Variant

ANGEL #0 / Writer: Bryan Edward Hill / Artist: Gleb Melnikov / Colorist: Gabriel Cassata / Letters: Ed Dukeshire / Covers: Boris Pelcer / Publisher: Boom Studios / Release Date: April 24, 2019

Angel cover

Angel’s Journey

Angel #0 begins with a young man being coerced into vampirism by a corset-clad woman. Someone watches in the shadows as the man gives himself over. We then see Angel’s bloody history, with narration leading to his current situation. He has a soul now, and this makes him suffer.

Bryan Edward Hill’s writing of this brooding vampire is much like many “vampire with a heart” stories. Angel regrets his past life and is trying to make up for his wrongdoings. He does this, in Blade fashion, by hunting his own kind. Hill also introduces a protégé of sorts. She is meant to be tough as nails, but we hardly get to know her, only Angel’s perception of her.

No TV Needed

Although this story is about Angel and why he went to Sunnydale, if the reader has a general understanding of this world, then they will know where this story is headed. That being said, Hill does a good job of informing the reader who Angel is without them having to see either TV show he was in.

Angel panel

Sketchy Art

Gleb Melnikov’s art does its job in helping the reader to recognize the action and plot, but lacks finesse. At times it seems that his sketching style of art is unfinished and lines on characters are unconnected or not cleaned up. I think Helen’s character has a philtrum piercing, but it is really unclear.

Gabriel Cassata’s colors do a good job of shifting scenes on the timeline as well as highlighting some beautiful moments, particularly Fee-Fee’s face and the night sky panels. The best part of the book is Boris Pelcer’s bloody cover art of Angel, both the regular and vamped out versions. The covers are simple and chilling, with theperfect facial expressions for the character.

If You Know Him Already

Overall, I felt a bit let down by the comic. As someone who never watched the show, I’ve often heard great things about this character. This comic, although enjoyable enough, just seems cliché. If you like the character you will likely enjoy this.

Verdict: 3 out of 5

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