REVIEW: Agents of SHIELD S6E3- “Fear and Loathing on the Planet of Kitson”

Kitson Piper & Davis


This week’s Agents of  S.H.I.E.L.D. landed two groups of our agents on the planet Kitson, with bromance, ladies night, gambling, and hallucinogens—a perfect way to spend the evening. Kitson is a gloriously depraved planet with gambling, brothels, and slavery. Picture Las Vegas without laws. Daisy, Piper, Simmons, and Davis rush to Kitson to reach Fitz and Enoch before the newest antagonist, the Hunter, reaches him to kill him.

I want to take a minute to rant about Jemma Simmons. Simmons behaved insubordinately, selfishly, childishly, and irrationally at the end of last week and beginning of this. She chose not to consider things like food and fuel. She turned against her own team, disobeying orders, calling them cowards, and acting as though only she cares enough to rescue Fitz. GRRR. Also, Jemma? This Fitz is NOT your husband. Your husband is dead. Take a minute to accept that.

Kitson Fotz & Enoch

Fitz and Enoch

The crew that Fitz saved last week, stranded Fitz and Enoch on the planet of Kitson with one gambling chip. Joel Stoffer’s dry delivery of Enoch’s lines remain comedy gold. Enoch, in this episode, had a “reasonable facsimile” of fun and his proclamation of Fitz as his “best friend” was charming. Fitz, on the other hand, was almost up there with his his deplorable behaviour, using Enoch’s “feelings” against him as they gamble on Kitson. Could this be a shadow of the Doctor?

Ladies Night

Following Fitz’s trail to Kitson, Daisy and Simmons attempted to free them. However, hallucinogenic puffs added humor as they forgot their mission and decided it was Ladies Night. The whole tripping acid scene maintains a balance between cliche and entertaining. It truly is the same old, same old, whether it be LSD, mushrooms, or alien puffs. However entertaining, the bonding between the ladies in the Kitson casino added little to the overall story or any real character growth. The highlight was Simmons’ tell-don’t-show about how much Daisy has grown since the pilot episode.

Kitson Hunter


No, I’m not talking about Lance Hunter (although we all wish he would come back). The Hunter, played by Neil Patrick Harris, tracked Fitz across the universe, eventually to Kitson. Stern and with few lines, it’s difficult to see how well this character will turn out, though you can never go wrong with Neil Patrick Harris.

My verdict: 4 out of 5

Side note: George Kitson is the story editor for this episode.

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