DC’s August 2019 Solicitations Rundown

A few days ago, DC released their slate of comics coming in the month of August. While the month of July was a busy one in terms of announcements, August is more tamed. Despite that, DC still has a few interesting surprises in store.

What’s New?

Batman/Superman #1

The World’s Finests are back in a new on-going series helmed by a killer creative team. Joshua Williamson will be tasked with writing DC’s top pair, while DC’s newest exclusive artist, Dave Marquez, will tackle his first job over at DC. The series will spin out of The Batman Who Laughs, which will pit Superman and Batman against their friends and possibly each other.

Batman VS. Ra’s Al Ghul #1

This new mini-series will sets the Dark Knight against one of his deadliest foes: Ra’s Al Ghul. During the progression of six issues, they will fight over Gotham’s fate in a series, written and drawn by the legendary Neal Adams.

Wildcats #1

Warren Ellis and Ramon Villalobos team-up to bring to life the Wildcats. This covert piratical team will go up against a secret space program named Skywatch. This on-going series, spinning out of the pages of the Wild Storm, promises to bring high octane action in one of the most bizarre adventures you will ever see.

Titans: Burning Rage #1

Legendary writer Dan Jurgens teams up with Scot Eaton and Wayne Faucher for the Walmart Giant Comics, which will be available at comic book shops in a 7 issue mini-series format in August. Mento has Hawk and Dove under his control, and it’s up to the Titans to stop him. How are they going to pull this off without putting their friends’ lives at risk?

What’s Ending?

Batman Who Laughs #7

Scott Snyder’s and Jock’s Batman Who Laughs is coming to an end as expected after the mini-series seventh issue. DC’s newest hit villain has been taking the DC universe by storm since his introduction a year and a half ago. Despite his series ending, I can assure you it isn’t the last time we hear about the crazed dark dimension Bruce Wayne.

Dial H for Hero #6

Another series is ending as planned. The six-issue miniseries by Sam Humphries and Joe Quinones, which is printed under the Wonder Comic imprint, will come to an end as Mr. Thunderbolt launches his final strike on Metropolis. Miguel and Summer will have to seek a certain Big Blue Boy Scout to help them out of this predicament.

Pearl #12

Pearl Tanaka’s adventure is coming to a close in which she will have to choose between being an assassin or an artist. This ending is not the end of Jinxworld; Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Gaydos will provide an exclusive look at the upcoming Jinxworld projects in this final issue.

What’s Exciting?

Year of the Villain

DC’s Year of the Villain officially started earlier this year, and the first one-shot comics focusing on the villains are starting to appear. First, Tom Taylor and Cully Hammer will tackle Black Mask as he clashes with Batwoman after receiving Lex Luthor’s offer. The other villain getting a comic is Sinestro. In an epic by Mark Russel and Brandon Peterson, Sinestro attempts to bring down the old gods using the newly found ultraviolet spectrum.

Catwoman #14

Selina Kyle is seeing some big changes with a change in creative team. Ram V and Mirka Andolfo will be taking up writing and art duties, and Joelle Jones, who previously wrote and drew the series, will stay on covers. Whether this is a permanent change or only for a few issues to give Jones some room to breathe is unclear, but we should know more in the coming months.

And this is it for DC in the month of August over at DC comics. While a lighter month in terms of announcements, DC remains strong with its current line-up with no missing titles in August. My theory is that huge shake-ups are coming post-Doomsday Clock, and DC is slowly building up to that. That being said if any of these new series interest you, don’t forget to pre-order them from your local comic book shop.

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