REVIEW: All-New Aquaman #47

ALL-NEW AQUAMAN #47 / Writer: Kelly Sue DeConnick / Penciller: Robson Rocha / Inker: Daniel Henriques / Colorist: Sunny Gho / Letterer: Clayton Cowles / Publisher: DC Comics / Release date: April 17th, 2019

Aquaman cover

Aquaman Meets the Gods

Arthur Curry loses his memory and washes up on an island. Arthur finds the residents of this island odd, including his new friend Caille. They turn out to be gods. These gods choose Arthur to be their champion against Namma, their Mother Salt. She holds a grudge and wants to salt the earth in order to kill everything and start anew. Arthur and his new friends will not, cannot, let this happen.

Will they win the battle? Will the piece of Namma in Caille overtake her? Lastly, will Arthur become Aquaman, a new god to serve the ocean?

Action Packed & Heartfelt

Aquaman #47 is a roller coaster of action. Kelly Sue DeConnick is a skilled surgeon splicing in action, danger, and heartfelt gestures. You feel Namma’s pain, as well as Arthur’s struggle and confusion. She paints a chaotic picture of old gods and new, accented by the releasing of an even newer power.

Arthur’s story in previous issues have sculpted the character. Now the reader sees him heroically trying to save the world. Readers will enjoy the depth of character and his struggles. Although Arthur still does not know his origin, DeConnick writes him coming into his own, growing into the Aquaman that fans love while also getting to know engaging new characters.


Robson Rocha & Daniel Henrique’s artwork is a fantastic representation of the story. The battle is drawn clearly. This is difficult to do when the panels are action packed and take place underwater. The reader knows what to look at in each frame, exactly who is fighting, and when. Artists often fall into the muddied fight category, but that is not the case here.

Namma’s triple face split is a fantastic way to show the complex pain of this god. She misses her husband, blames her children, and now will wipe the slate clean for vengeance. Her evil is threefold.

Aquaman #47 mother of salt

Sunny Gho’s colors are realistic, with a mystical edge. The blue tones are differentiated well, and the pops of red make for a well balanced picture. The white used in the sacrifice panels allow the reader to feel they are witnessing a heavenly transition. The sunset color of the final panels accentuated by a water-filled figure are truly beautiful.


I really enjoyed the culmination of Aquaman’s fight with Namma. Throughout the series, Aquaman has been written and developed well. The final panel is gorgeous and leans Aquaman into his next story with vigor. I do wish we could have a hint of Arthur’s past. It does seem that we will be getting more backstory in the future. I know I will be reading Aquaman as long as Kelly Sue DeConnick keeps writing it.

Verdict: 5 out of 5

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