Marvel’s July Solicitations Rundown

Earlier this week we released our rundown of DC’s July solicitations and now it’s Marvel’s turn. The second comic giant is coming to play with a slate filled with exciting stuff for the month of July.

What’s New?

House of X & Power of X

Jonathan Hickman is back with the house of ideas to bring us two new X-Men series. Hickman will team up with R.B. Silva and Pepe Larraz on art to redefine the X-Men’s future, past, and present. There is a lot of excitement and mystery surrounding this series making me look forward to the summer.

History of the Marvel Universe #1

If you’ve ever wanted to know all about the Marvel’s Universe rich history your wish has finally come true. Mark Waid and Javier Rodriguez are teaming up to bring Marvel’s history to life in this issue limited series debuting this summer.

Loki #1

Daniel Kibblesmith and Oscar Bazaldua team up in this all-new Loki on-going series. After having died during The War of Realms the god of mischief is ready to take on new responsibilities that Thor won’t allow Loki to walk away from.

Valkyrie #1

Jane Foster is back in an all-new on-going, but after having left the mantle of Thor behind she takes on the role of Valkyrie. Spinning out of War of Realms Jane will face her new status quo fearlessly. Jason Aaron, Al Ewing, and Cafu will herald this new exciting era for Jane Foster.

Fearless #1

The ladies of the Marvel Universe take center stage in this 3 issues limited series. Captain Marvel, Storm, and the Invisible Woman will headline this story by Seanan McGuire, Leah Williams, and Claire Roe.

Punisher Kill Krew #1

Frank Castle made a promise of vengeance during the War of Realms and now Gerry Duggan and Juan Ferreyra will help Frank fulfill his promise. This 5 issues limited series will have the Punisher hunt down monsters and gods. How will the deadliest mortal fare against these odds? Find out in July!

Invisible Woman #1

Mark Waid and Mattia De Iulis are charged with the mandate of Sue Storm’s first solo mini-series. The Invisible Woman will be faced with her past when her former S.H.I.E.L.D. partner is in the crosshairs of international terrorists.

Death’s Head #1

The duo of Tini Howard and Kei Zama bring the intergalactic mech merc back to Marvel’s pages. In this 4 issue mini-series death head will wake up half assembled at a punk show and have to deal with Hulking and Wiccan in a series that promises to be crazy over the top adventure.

Aero #1 & Sword Master #1

Both of these new Chinese heroes made their American debut during War of Realms: Agents of Atlas tie in comic. Their origin stories will be told in English for the first time and they will be accompanied by brand new stories told by Greg Pak. Both characters will get their own on-going. The other artists and writers attached to these comics are Zhou Liefen, Keng, and Pop Mhan for Aero and Shuizhu, Gunji, and Ario Anindito for Sword Master. These two comics are announcing a bright era for Asian superheroes over at Marvel comics.

Star Wars: Target Vader #1

A new Star Wars six issue mini-series is coming into view. Robbie Thompson and Marc Laming are teaming up to bring a new Darth Vader series. While Vader is on the hunt he will be hunted. How will the galaxy’s biggest predator fair against these odds.

What’s Ending?

Marvel Rising #5

The 5 issues limited series by Nilah Magruder and Roberto Di Salvo ends in July. The tie-in comics to Marvel’s animated world is ending with our heroes facing down Morgana Le Fay.

Age of X-Man

Age of X-Man is coming to an end in July with both Prisoner X and Apocalypse & The X-Tracts finding their last issue. The Age of X-Man saga will officially come to an end with its Omega issue written by Zac Thompson and Lonnie Nadler who will be accompanied by Simone Buonfantino on art.

Domino: Hotshots #5

Gail Simone’s and David Baldeon’s continuation of their Domino comic is coming to an end. That being said, they are going out with a bang because Domino will have to face Celestials. Find out how the Hotshots will find their way out of this pickle in July.

Age of Conan: Bêlit #5

The mini-series by Tini Howard and Kate Niemczyk about the Pirate Queen of the Black Coast is coming to an end in July. Will Conan’s one true love survive her harrowing ordeal? The answer to that question will be in July’s issue of Bêlit.

Uncanny X-Men & X-Force

Both titles have not been officially canceled, but the solicits for both seem pretty final. With the end of the Age of X-Man and the start of Hickman’s era-defining X-Men books, I wouldn’t be surprised if both books were coming to an end. This is still speculative, but I believe the X line is going through a full relaunch. Both titles have been exceptional and I hope I’m wrong about this.

What’s Exciting

Marvel’s Epilogue #1

The Kurt Busiek and Alex Ross classic is getting an epilogue. This 40-page one-shot will cover the all-new all-different X-Men of the 1970s as they clash against sentinels all in front of a now-retired Phil Sheldon’s eyes.

Tony Stark: Iron Man #14

Dan Slott and Valerio Schiti are back on Iron Man after the War of Realms tie-in. Iron Man has fallen off the wagon and Carol Danvers is set to help her sponsor. The intriguing thing about this issue is Jim Zub is attached as a co-writer I’m wondering if that means anything for the future of this title.

Giant-Sized X-Statix #1

The gang is back together in this special one-shot! With the original team of Peter Milligan, Michael Allred, and Laura Allred are fit to tell this new story about the world’s most famous mutants.

Fantastic Four: Prodigal Sun #1

The Prodigal Saga begins here. This alien being crashed landed in the Savage Land and Ka-Zar is going to need the Fantastic Four’s help in order to deal with it. Watch as Peter David and Francesco Manna crossover Prodigal through the Fantastic Four, Silver Surfer, and Guardians of the Galaxy.

Wolverine & Captain America: Weapon Plus #1

Ethan Sacks and Diogenes Neves are exposing one of the Marvel Universe’s biggest conspiracy to date: the Weapon Plus Program. The secret origin behind Wolverine and Captain America is going to be revealed in this special one-shot issue in July.

Secret Warps

A series of five annuals will be released in July featuring the Infinity War sensations: the Secret Wraps. Al Ewing will be accompanied by a plethora of artists and writer to tell the tale that could seal the fate of Warp World.

Wolverine VS. Blade Special #1

The title should say enough. Marc Guggenheim and Dave Wilkins will deliver this high octane one-shot special.

Marvel Summer Special #1

This Marvel tradition is back and in order to celebrate 80 years of Marvel, they are going full 90’s. This summer extravaganza will allow the heroes of the Marvel Universe to take a much-needed vacation.

Marvel Team-Up #4

A new story, a new team-up, and a new creative team. Clint McElroy and Ig Guara are going to team up Kamala Khan with Carol Danvers when Mar-Vell suddenly reappears.

Star Wars #68

The creative team of Greg Pak and Phil Noto are starting their run of the main Star Wars title. This exciting tale will take place just before The Empire Strikes Back as Luke attempts to keep the Rebel base hidden from the Empire.

What’s Missing?

Asgardian of the Galaxy

The War of Realms is over and it looks like Cullen Bunn’s Asgardian of the Galaxy is too. No confirmation from Marvel has been made about that fact, but I think it is very likely that it will be ending as the Guardians of the Galaxy are back in business.

Mr. and Mrs. X

This one breaks my heart. Hopefully, it’s only taking a short hiatus, but Marvel’s best couple might not have a series anymore after June. With Marvel’s focus on Hickman’s X-Men, this restructuring is no surprise, but it still stings to see Rogue and Gambit’s honeymoon come to an end.

That is all for Marvel’s July solicitations. This is most definitely a loaded month despite War of Realms ending in June. Make sure you let your local comic book store know about what interest you and come back next month for another breakdown!

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