Marvel Rising #1

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Writer: Nilah Magruder, Artist: Roberto Di Salvo, Colorist: Rachelle Rosenberg, Letters: VC’s Clayton Cowles, Cover: Audrey Mok, Publisher: Marvel, Release Date: March 27th, 2019

Marvel Rising #1 cover

Ms. Marvel wants to invite some of her super friends for a normal teenager day. She invites Spider-Man (Miles Morales) and Inferno to check out Empire State College where Squirrel Girl goes to college. They all seem to know what direction they want to go for college, but Ms. Marvel isn’t so sure. What do you go to school for when you are a superhero? Of course during their college tour, chaos ensues and they leave their tour to fight evil once again.

This comic is aimed at younger readers and that is clear in the story-line by Nilah Magruder. Although, that doesn’t mean and adult comic fan can’t enjoy the Marvel Rising #1. Magruder starts with action to catch the reader before heading into Ms. Marvel’s emotional conflict. Will she listen to her mother, will she go to school here, what will she do once she gets to college?

Young readers can connect to the pressure and complexity of choosing what field you want to go into as a young adult. Adults can sympathize as most of us had to make that choice already. Magruder does a good job of making sure the story is relatable to all. In doing this, the story just scratches the surface of these issues and the main threat.

The cover by Audry Mok is akin to most marvel young reader titles. I was a bit sad that only two of the 5 characters on the cover were in the comic. If you are going to put Captain Marvel on the cover, she should be inside!

Marvel Rising #1 action

Roberto Di Salvo’s artwork inside was well crafted and reminded me of the Saturday Morning cartoons we all loved growing up. The expressions exaggerated, but fun to look at. I also enjoyed his artistic version of the villain at the end and the comparison of her little friend’s stature. The colors by Rachelle Rosenberg were bright, colorful, and made the comic an energetic adventure.

Overall, I enjoyed reading this book, but it is clear that it’s for young readers or those who can enjoy that type of content. Being a young reader comic, the author doesn’t go into the depth that could have made this comic great. It’s import that authors note that kids are smart, and they can dive a little deeper and still enjoy the comic. 

Verdict: 4 out of 5

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