DC’s July Solicitations Rundown

The DC Solicitations for the month of July dropped on Friday. In regular summer fashion, there is a lot of new and exciting stuff and I’m here to unpack it all for you.

What’s New?

Batman: Curse of the White Knight #1

The sequel to the hit elseworld series Batman: White Knight is finally dropping. This sequel will, like its predecessor, be written and penned by Sean Gordon Murphy. The series will be an 8 issues maxi-series that will follow the Joker as he recruits Azrael on his mission against the Wayne family. A lot of mystery still shrouds this comic, but if it is anything like White Knight we are in for a treat.

Batman: Universe #1, Superman: Up In the Sky #1 & Wonder Woman: Come Back To Me #1

These comics are respectively part of a six issue mini-series which was originally published as part of DC’s Walmart Giants initiative. These comics are being republished in order to give the stories to classic comic readers. For those who have picked up the Walmart Giants, this is nothing new, but it can be interesting for other readers who haven’t bought the Walmart exclusives.

Collapser #1

DC’s Young Animal initiative has been known to deliver mature content with a side of weird. This new series by Mikey Way, Shaun Simon, and Ilias Kyriazis seem to be ready to deliver on all these points. Liam James suffers from anxiety and the only thing that brings him any sort of comfort is his gig as a DJ. His entire life will change when he receives a black hole in the mail which will find a home in his chest. This 6 issue mini-series will explore a vast variety of emotions with the expected flavor of DC’s Young Animal line.

Doom Patrol: Weight of the Worlds #1

After the TV Show’s success, Doom Patrol is back in comic form. This lovable band of misfits is returning with Gerard Way once again at the helm. This time he will be joined by co-writer Jeremy Lambert and artist James Harvey to send this crazy bunch beyond space and time in an all-new ongoing series from DC’s Young Animal line.

Jimmy Olsen #1

Superman’s best friend is set to headline his own 12 issues limited series written by Matt Fraction and with art by Steve Lieber. The pair will send Jimmy in the DC Universe’s underbelly from Metropolis to Gotham where he is set to meet his demise. I have no doubt this superstar pair is ready to bring us a dynamic story filled with mystery and intrigue.

Lois Lane #1

Lois Lane, the wife of Big Blue, is also set to headline her own 12 issues limited series. Written by Greg Rucka with art by Mike Perkins this series will follow Lois as she leaves Metropolis with a secret that could endanger Superman himself. No one doubts Lois’ ability to take care of herself, but this series is set to push her to the limits of her abilities.

What’s Ending?

Adventure of the Super Sons #12

No surprise here, the series was set to be 12 issues only, but it still leaves a sting in my heart. Superboy and Robin are finally back home, but they brought the miniature Legion of Doom with them for a final confrontation. Peter J. Tomasi’s time on Super Sons was an amazing ride from the start and hopefully, we get to see him tackle more stories about these characters. The landscape of the Super Sons will be widely different since Jonathan Kent’s sudden growth spurt in Superman #10, but hopefully, this doesn’t put a halt to this pair’s adventures in the coming future.

American Carnage #9

Bryan Hill’s and Leonardo Fernandez’ series is coming to an end with this 9th issue. The comic which tackles racism in an elegant way will end as Richard Wright comes to a big decision about what he’s willing to do. Bryan Hill has been writing excellent comics for the better part of a year now and hopefully, we get to see him and Fernandez reunite on more work soon.

Female Furies #6

Big Barda and her gang are heading towards a final confrontation with Darkseid on Apokolips. This comic will determine how they fare against the ruler of the hellish planet. Cecil Castellucci’s and Adriana Melo’s series comes to an end after six issues as it was originally set to.

Wonder Twins #6

The Scrambler strikes in this final issue of Mark Russell’s and Stephen Byrne’s Wonder Twins. Zan and Jayna will team-up with the Justice League in order to stop The Great Scramble. Hopefully, we get to see the characters more in DC’s Wonder Comics Imprint which has delivered quality content since its inception.

What’s Exciting?

Aquaman #50

Kelly Sue DeConnick continues her already acclaimed run on this landmark 50th issue. This is also the start of a brand new arc for those looking to jump on this might be the time. Black Manta and Aqua-lad return in this issue drawn by Robson Rocha and Daniel Henriques.

Batman #75

Another landmark issue from DC with Batman #75. Tom King and Tony S. Daniel will deliver City of Bane the beginning of a brand new arc which will start wrapping up the larger story told by King in the last 74 issues. We’ll slowly see King head towards the end of his run by tying together all the hints he’s been laying down for the past 3 years.

Flash #75

DC’s third landmark issue is about the Fastest Man alive. Joshua Williamson wraps up Flash Year One with the help of artist Howard Porter, Christian Duce, and Scott Kolins. Barry Allen’s origin will reach his final strides and his life might too.

The Green Lantern Annual #1

The first annual of Grant Morrison’s Green Lantern run is here. Follow along as Hal Jordan takes on a young sidekick to help stop the crime of the millennium. Giuseppe Camuncoli will accompany Morrison in telling a what seems to be a weird tale straight from the deepest reach of the cosmos.

Justice League Dark Annual #1

The weirdest team in the DCU receives its very own annual written by James Tynion IV and Ram V. The pair will be accompanied by Guillem March on art to tell a Swamp Thing centric story which will focus on the Green’s fate. After the fall of the Parliament of Trees and Parliament of Flowers, a new guardian has risen. It’s Holland’s job to sway him towards the side of justice.

Red Hood: Outlaw Annual #3

After having been missing since issue #25 Bizarro and Artemis are back. The dark trinity reunited and hopefully, Scott Lobdell and Adam Pollina will bring them back as staples of the Red Hood comic. Bizarro and Artemis will have to find their way back to Jason in order to help him in his mission and fully reunite the Outlaws.

Wonder Woman #75

G. Willow Wilson and Xermanico bring Wonder Woman back to Themyscira in this landmark 75th issue. Ares has escaped, the Amazons are no longer a united people, and Hippolyta has chosen an evil ally to help her restore order. Find out how Diana deals with all these problems in July!

What’s Missing?

The Silencer

Silencer hasn’t been officially canceled, but its absence of DC’s solicits is worrisome. Honor Guest’s book was one of the last few surviving comics from DC’s New Age of Heroes initiative with issue 18 being the solicited one in June. Hopefully, we will find out more in the coming weeks as it’s not the first month it has been absent from the solicits having missed one previously.

What’s New In Trades?

Aquaman Vol.1: Unspoken Waters

If you haven’t been reading Kelly Sue DeConnick’s and Robson Rocha’s Aquaman you can begin here. This is the start of their run on one of DC’s most exciting sensations. This trade will collect issues #43 to #47.

Justice: The Deluxe Edition HC

This hardcover collection of the Alex Ross and Jim Krueger classic is coming in July. The Justice League and Legion of Doom face off as the Legion attempts to save the world, but are doubted by League. See how the action unfolds with 100 pages of bonus contents.

These are the big hits from DC’s July Solicitations. Make sure you hit your local comic book store to pre-order any of the books mentioned above if you want to make sure you’re not missing out. Stay tuned to the website for Marvel’s solicitations later this week.

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