REVIEW: Meet The Skrulls #2

MEET THE SKRULLS #2 / Writer: Robbie Thompson / Artist:  Niko Henrichon / Color Assistant: Laurent Grossat / Letterer: VC’s Travis Lanham/ Cover Artist: Marcos Martin / Publisher: Marvel Comics / Published: March 20, 2019

Social Spies

Robbie Thompson (Web Warriors) and Niko Henrichon (X-Men: Return of Magik) continue to tell a fun, suspenseful sci-fi adventure tale, using one of Marvel’s classic alien races, The Skrulls. In issue two of this five-part mini-series, the Warners (your average family on the surface, but secretly shapeshifting aliens) proceed in their mission to infiltrate Stark Industries and sabotage their Skrull-identifying project. Along the way, however, they find themselves hindered by the threat of everyday social interactions like date night and sleepovers.

Sister, Sister

The family continues their missions. As a spy, Mom (Gloria) fights company soldiers. Dad (Carl) gets more scary info from his handler (this time, taking the form of the woman at the end of the bar, instead of his “uncle”). And the daughters are trying to interact with their targets. The older sister, Madison, is going to a party, with plans to get everyone drunk, and steal info from the target’s parents, while they’re out of town. Though, she must quickly come up with a new strategy when the target’s parents decide to stick around. This provides Madison a chance for some deeper character development, as we see some clever tactical skill in unexpected social situations.

On the other end, younger sister Alice finally tries to be a Skrull spy instead of an emotional introverted teenager striving for normalcy, and pulls some manipulative shape-shifting trickery to get closer with her target. Unfortunately, that gets her noticed by the creepy Skrull Hunter, who killed a whole Skrull family last issue.

The Creepy Guy

Writing a good antagonist is hard, but Thompson and Henrichon are doing a great job with the mysterious Skrull killer in an overcoat and goggles. Little is known about him, which makes it difficult to know whether to root for him or the Skrulls (a race most often portrayed by Marvel as villains). And that air of mystery helps make him all the more terrifying. Overall, this title continues to be a fun, engaging sci-fi adventure thriller, and I love it.

Verdict: 4.5 out of 5

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