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CAPTAIN MARVEL #3 / Writer: Kelly Thompson / Artist: Carmen Carnero / Color Artist: Tamra Bonvillain / Letterer: VC’s Clayton Cowles Published March 20th, 2019

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Captain Marvel chases the evil Nuclear Man through a barrier on New York’s Roosevelt Island. The barrier only allows some inside, while others bounce off. Life inside the barrier is a bit different; time moves at a different rate and some of the heroes’ powers are dampened. Carol is about to find out there is much more going on.

At the end of Captain Marvel #2, She-Hulk entered the barrier but changed back to her normal form, seemingly falling to her death. Carol was able to move fast enough to save her, but Jen’s Hulk powers are affected by whatever is happening inside the barrier. If that wasn’t bad enough, their ally Som has been hiding secrets from the group. However, Carol has a plan to take the fight to Nuclear Man.

Kelly Thompson’s script focuses on the characters. Carol is not only the battlefield’s heavy hitter but also the team leader, bringing all the pieces together to mount an offensive. Hazmat has one of my favorite moments as she struggles with her place after She-Hulk’s arrival. Thompson keeps the character Som and his motives unclear for both the characters and the reader. We never know if he should be trusted, and his motives are constantly in question.

Carmen Carnero’s art is simply fantastic. The layouts are unique but never go so far as to make the issue hard to read. I like the dystopian look for the characters; the design leaves just enough of the costume remaining to know who the characters are while showing the world they live in now. Carol adopts the look as well, showing her acceptance of her place in this world and a part of the group. Tamra Bonvillain’s colors give everything a dirty, worn down look. Under the barrier, the world is perpetually the color of dusk with only a few shining spots of light.

Captain Marvel 3 Rogue

Captain Marvel #3 feels very much like a transitional issue. The first two issues established the barrier and the world within. Now they are setting up the plan of attack, and the issue ends with one heck of a cliffhanger as a face from Carol’s past comes back. Under the barrier, it’s unclear what is real and what is an illusion. That has me questioning many things about the final panel and what that means for the next issue.

VERDICT: 4 out of 5

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