Shazam! Zachary Levi vs. The Trolls

If you’ve spent any time on the Internet of late, you might have noticed that Marvel and DC each have a new movie coming out tovehe next couple months. Captain Marvel (starring Brie Larson) comes out on March 8th, while Shazam! (starring Zachary Levi) drops on April 5th.

A particular subset of toxic fans (mostly the same people who decided to review-bomb The Last Jedi) has decided to hurl spite and vitriol at Captain Marvel before it’s even out, and a lot of them have been very vocal about how they’ll be going to see Shazam! (“the real Captain Marvel,” apparently) instead. This has extended to writing fake reviews of “preview screenings” they supposedly attended with the goal of trying to tank the movie before it’s even released.

Zachary Levi is not having it.

The actor released an Instagram Live video on Sunday making his thoughts on the matter clear.

“Defamatory and completely fictitious reviews and posts of Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel – like, trying to pit Shazam! against it, and saying they’re going to support us and not them because of things that they are, by the way, making up.”

“I just found this out last night and for anyone out there who thinks you’re doing me a favour, or you’re doing Shazam! a favour, or Warner Bros. a favour – you’re not. This is not helping anyone or anything.”

Our Thoughts

It’s great to see Zachary taking a stand on this and adamantly refusing to support people who are trying to drag comic movie fandom through the mud, even if they claim to be supporting his movie. We’re in a golden age of comic book cinema, people – for crying out loud, we just had an Aquaman movie (yes, really) make over a billion dollars. That is not a sentence I would have expected to type ten years ago. And how could we forget Black Panther being nominated for six Oscars and winning three?

A rising tide lifts all boats – Shazam! benefits if Captain Marvel does well, and vice versa. The rivalry between Marvel and DC only exists at the fan level – as Zachary says, “there is no competition.” Both companies want to keep making big-money superhero movies for as long as there’s an appetite for them, so the better those films do, the better for them – and for us as fans. Comics are for everybody, and everybody deserves to see their hero on screen – no matter what gender, race or sexual orientation that hero is.

Captain Marvel in her mohawk costume.
She doesn’t care about your fake reviews.

Brie Larson gets it, which is why she was vocal about how she wants to see Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan) brought to life on the big screen. Zachary Levi gets it, and that’s why he’s a perfect casting choice for a wholesome, cheerful character like Shazam. So keep your negativity – I’ll be watching both movies and enjoying the heck out of them!

Chris has been writing comics for a large chunk of his life, but only started making them properly in 2011. He's worked with chap-hop superstar Professor Elemental on a series of anthology comics as well as writing stories for a number of prestigious small press publications including Futurequake, Aces Weekly and the Psychedelic Journal and creating his own comic book series 'Brigantia' with artist Melissa Trender.

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