REVIEW: The Punisher Season 2 E7-13

After an intriguing first half, Kade and Vincent are back to review the second half of The Punisher Season 2. Spoiler Alert: significant plot points are discussed.

Living Up To Expectations?

Kade: How well did the second half of The Punisher Season 2 pull off what the first set up?

Vincent: Honestly, quite poorly. It kept a heavy focus on Billy to no real pay off. All the while, the Pilgrim and Amy storyline was forgotten for a huge part of the season while giving them filler moments to make sure we didn’t completely forget them. This ended up diluting the final showdown between him and Frank into something I didn’t care about anymore.

Kade: Agreed, the show got slower and fuller as it went. There was plenty of action and the neat concept of “what if Frank shot an innocent person,” but that was let go almost immediately. It felt like a show that knew it was going to be canceled and gave up halfway through, even if that hasn’t been confirmed.

Vincent: Exactly, nothing they built paid off. The action was solid and the actors still did great in their roles, but the story really lacked substance beyond exposition. Jigsaw’s memory loss never paid off in terms of plot. Even when he was confronted with what he did, he didn’t seem to care. The scenario only prolonged the story. We never got the fully vengeful Billy going after Frank like we were all expecting for this second season. The John Pilgrim plotline only served in bringing Amy into the story. His backstory was fleshed out, but to no real other ends than justifying his absence from chasing after Amy. He was simply a character who added hurdles for our protagonists so that Netflix could stretch their season to 13 episodes.

Kade: Another thing that really bothered me was John Pilgrim. They purposely advertised that The Punisher was going up against a white supremacist villain, and in our last discussion I said we’ll probably see what makes him bad. We started to see that backstory here, but then they made him seem okay because he was trying to help his kids. There was more to it than that, and I’m not saying people can’t be forgiven for terrible pasts – I mean, Frank killed the Madani’s friend that set off the first season – but I just didn’t like how that was handled.

I will say, a lot of people seemed to not enjoy Amy, but I thought she was great. I loved when Frank has a little helper, and I enjoyed Amy as a walking stereotype of a loner teenager. She was also a good concept for getting Frank in trouble over and over again.

Vincent: I loved how Amy was used as an analog for Frank’s kid. I also 100% agree about John Pilgrim, it was an overall letdown.

Looking to the Future

Kade: If this show gets another season, what would you want to happen?

Vincent: If it gets another season I would want them to bring in Daredevil and Kingpin to see how that plays out, but with the way it ended I don’t think I’ll get my hopes up for a third season.

Kade: If this gets another season I want them to do Welcome Back Frank or Mother Russia storylines. No real connection, I just love those storylines.


Vincent: I’m giving this second half of the season a 2.5 out of 5. Nothing kept my attention well enough to justify a higher score. It was flashy but lacked a solid enough plot to carry it through 13 episodes.

Kade: My verdict is a 2 out of 5. The Punisher feels ready to be cancelled.

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