REVIEW: Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #40

MOON GIRL AND DEVIL DINOSAUR #37 / Writer: Brandon Montclare / Artist:  Gustavo Duarte / Letterer : VC’s Travis Lanham / Publisher: Marvel Comics / Release Date: February 27th 2019

It’s amazing that Moon Girl is still going, forty issues strong, and surviving this long. I know I’ve said that for the last, like, three issues I’ve reviewed? But it’s the only comic to which I remain digitally subscribed. It’s a reliable addition to my cheer-up regime.

The art is bold; colourful, yet grounded. It’s close enough to a cartoon to allow for fun plasticity in the action, but still solidly a superhero comic. The artist has changed since the earlier issues from Natacha Bustos (who said that manga in particular was an influence on her style) to Gustavo Duarte. His art is extremely similar to Bustos to the point I didn’t notice the change at first, but that’s probably on purpose since, again, this is for a younger readership.

Alongside Ms. Marvel, this series has weathered several huge Marvel events and carried on regardless. The fact it is explicitly aimed at children is clearly a blessing – any deep Marvel lore (even typing those words made me want to climb into the nearest locker) is explained by the story and may well pique the curiosity of a young reader.

I’ve probably said THAT before too. Sigh. I’m running out of ways to say: please read Moon Girl, it’s cute, fun, funny, weird, and cartoonish, yet engrossing. In any case, if Spider-Verse proved anything, cartoonish is probably the best way to do superheroes. I want to, like, buy all the trades and place them, Santa Claus style, into school libraries everywhere.

Okay, so we’re getting into the more cosmic, inter-dimensional side of things – we have Nightmare, The Sleepwalker, and Doctor Strange. It’s a great place to go after a ‘Save the School’ story with the Kingpin himself. It’s especially interesting for a character like Lunella – it’s always good for a scientist to be confronted with the mystical reality of their immediate environment. I also love that they tap into real science of sleep (or lack of it), how hard it is for certain types of brains to truly ‘switch off,’ and what sort of nightmares/anxieties can lurk there.

Just… just read it. I don’t know what else to tell you. There’s a smart girl with gadgets and a pet T-Rex, what more do you want? This is basically the dream of every nerdy kid in existence.

We’re forty issues down. Just read it! Do it. DO IT NOW.

Verdict: 5 out of 5

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