Review: Uncanny X-Men #8

UNCANNY X-MEN #8 / Writer: Matthew Rosenberg, Kelly Thompson, and Ed Brisson / Artist: R. B. Silva / Inker: Adriano Di Benedetto / Letterer : VC’s Joe Caramagna / Publisher: Marvel / Release Date: January 2, 2018

Uncanny X-Men 8 cover

References Galore

This whole run by Matthew Rosenberg (The Punisher), Kelly Thompson (West Coast Avengers), and Ed Brisson (Old Man Logan) should get an award for X-Men references, including, but not limited to Age of Apocalypse, the Hope Serum (I assume, could not be the so-called mutant cure), Bishop’s under developed past, and stuff from Legion’s stories. The hardest lump to get over in the story so far is the fact that X-Man is a being created from Legion’s imagination / timeline mishap, and they fight each other in a mind battle. That said, once you get over those mental hula-hoops, you’re in for a good story.

Mean Teens

R.B. Silva continues to rock the X-designs, Betsy’s neo-classic style with her psychic longsword and Storm’s new look being my favorites. Also, the young X-Men—Armor, Glob, Rockslide, and Pixie—still have the awesome Age of Apocalypse redesigns from last issue, which feels like an awesome antithesis to X-Man’s new Horseman designs. This makes me want to see every newer X-Character done in that style. Not much else to say other than I love the designs and feel bad for Glob Herman when he loses his upgrade. That is a surprising plus. I’ve been wanting Rockslide development, and I was blindsided by some for Glob.

On top of the awesome art designs Di Benedetto has been killing it with colors. Anole’s shade of green doesn’t look to harsh or light, Betsy’s light purple is an awesome throwback to her original look, and I always appreciate when Beast is just the right shade of blue. The light colors really fit the book.

Reaching Conclusions

Our trio of X-Writers—Rosenberg, Thompson, and Brisson, who I now dub the X-Trio until I think of a better name—continue to tell a story that touches a lot of the best parts of the X-Men mythology, but still leave this reviewer unsure if he loves or tolerates the tale. I love the line-up—Bishop, Beast, Anole, and more—getting some well-deserved spotlight in this run, and I found the Legion/X-Man amalgam cliffhanger interesting. My conundrum is that when I read an individual issue, I feel it’s just okay, but when I go back and read the whole series together, it’s really good.

In the end, we have great art and a pretty good tale. We’ll see how it goes. Will Beast’s mysterious vaccine be a cure or something worse? Will X-Man/ Legion defeat the X-Men? How does this lead into Age of X-Man and Rosenberg’s upcoming team? I have high hopes, and am excited to see what they have planed.

 Verdict: 3.5 out of 5 as a standalone issue

4 out of 5 for the overall series so far.   

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