REVIEW: Runaways S2E1-7

Runaways-Around the Table

What would you do if your parents were evil? Molly, Chase, Gert, Nico, Alex, and Caroline chose to become Runaways and thwart their parents’ dastardly plans. This season picks up only 24 hours after last season ended. In a bold move, Hulu dropped all 13 episodes on December 21st, rather than weekly during the post-break seasons–bold, because people might miss the release during the holiday flutter. With a 2 story arc season, a Netflix-style drop only increases the binge-ability of the show.

Molly, the youngest of the group, displayed qualities of a true hero. She advocated fighting back after Graciella’s death. She believed that a wasted junkie still could be redeemed, even after he lied and betrayed her. Through the eyes of a child, there was hope and innocence swimming amidst all the mistrust. The new runaway she found, Topher, swooped in showing everyone love and hope. His interactions with the runaways individually successfully showcased each person’s struggles for the season.


Speaking of struggles, Nico struggled to not become her mother as she learned how to wield the Staff of One. Taking on a mothering role in the group, she had difficulty juggling her new relationship with Karolina and decisions best for the group. Both her relationship with Karolina and Gert’s with Chase demonstrated that as difficult as teen relationships are, they are even more so when you are runaways living together.

Karolina struggled with family, more so than the others. What is family? Is it blood? Those who raised you? Or is it the friends you trust with your life, who know what you are going through because they are too? For those who grew up without their biological parents (or parent) the desire to know about who you are and where you came from is often at the back of your mind. Runaways took that to the extreme with an alien bio-dad with supernatural powers. It forced the issue of meeting with the father just so Karolina could control her own powers. Virginia Gardner displayed the struggle between the bio-family and her chosen family.


Chase and Gert navigated their new relationship while struggling with Gert’s anxiety. Unmedicated, the world became a scary place and the smallest molehill was a mountain. To be honest, their story arc was mostly about their relationship, how the anxiety affected their relationship, and how their relationship affected the anxiety. However, when you have an anxiety disorder, that is your life. You spend all your time worrying about what might trigger your anxiety. It consumes you and often those around you. Everything is about anxiety management and avoidance.

Runaways-Gert & Chase

Alex, of all the runaways, went his own way. He asked his father’s old frenemy for help, worked, earned money, and learned from Darius. Then he had to face Darius’s betrayal followed my his mom being evil again. Although one of the leaders of the runaways, he was often on the outside. The character seemed very much alone during this arc, without any true lasting connections. Hopefully, we’ll see him come full circle during the next arc.


The parents of the runaways acting seemed over the top and campy. The villainous aspects seemed exaggerated in all the parents except Jonah. Julian McMahon displayed his experience playing complex villians in the past when he portrayed the practically immortal alien father of Karolina. Despite the campy adult conversations, this season is proving to be quite enjoyable.


3.5 out of 5

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