WILLOWISP #1 / Writer, Artist, Colourist: Elisa Bisignano / Publisher: Evoluzine Publishing / To Be Released on February 13, 2019

Willowisp is coming to Kickstarter Februrary 13th!

Right off the bat, we’re treated to some good old fashioned folk fantasy intrigue- I’m always here for that! I’m also here for a queer romance woven in, along with some tragedy and ‘normal kid discovers inherit connection to the land’.

The art is solid throughout, hopping easily from the school setting to a strange forest and a new house. It connects the more fantastical and growing threatening elements seamlessly. There’s still some lovely contrast between the forest and the school- drawing on the Blue Lights to give it all a soft, eerie glow that invites curiosity and intrigue! It speaks to a love of folk fantasy with the mildest elements of a fantasy threat, clearly the author loves her some European folk tales!

Making it a budding love story just adds to something sweetly romantic about being near the woods, regardless of the danger.

The story is great at setting everything up, building on what the reader might already know about haunted forest and the will ‘o’ the wisp myths but still leaving enough to draw in those who might not be as familiar. It’s perfect for younger readers- this might have drawn in my own interest as a teen, I kinda wish I could give this out to some of the older kids at my place of work! It’s a great start to what promises to be a stella love story.

Verdict: 4 out of 5

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