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Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse looks like it could be the biggest Spider-Man movie to date. The story revolves around several Spider-People (or individuals with powers and origins similar to Peter Parker’s) being pulled through the multiverse when a particle collider goes haywire. As reality begins to crumble, the web-slingers must unite and find a way back to their respective homes.

While Miles Morales is the focus of the movie, his supporting cast is made up of a few Spider-People that many folks (including longtime comic book readers) might not recognize. Here is a handy guide to each wall-crawler that appears in the movie:

Miles Morales (Ultimate Spider-Man)

First appearance: Ultimate Comics Fallout #4

Voiced by: Shamiek Moore (Dope)

The film’s main hero, Miles bears quite a few similarities to his predecessor, Peter Parker—a kid gifted with great intellect who gains great power from an irradiated arachnid and learns to use said power responsibly. However, in other ways, they couldn’t be more different. While Parker is a Caucasian guy who lives in Queens, Morales is an Afro-Latino from Brooklyn. He also possesses a few powers Peter doesn’t have; namely the ability to camouflage himself and a bioelectric “venom sting.” When his universe’s Spider-Man dies, Miles steps up to the plate, but he soon learns that being Spider-Man is far easier said than done.

Peter B. Parker (The Amazing Spider-Man)

First appearance: Amazing Fantasy #15

Voiced by: Jake Johnson (New Girl, Jurassic World)

Amazing. Spectacular. Sensational. Peter Parker has been called many things over his long tenure as the original Spider-Man—although “schmuck” is a new one. The Peter Parker in Into The Spider-Verse is a far cry from the hero you remember: he’s pushing 40, has greying temples, and a bad back…plus a rather cynical outlook on superheroism. Yet when a supercollider malfunction pulls him into Miles’ world, Parker ends up showing the teen the ropes of being Spider-Man.

Gwen Stacy (Spider-Gwen/Ghost Spider)

First appearance: Edge of Spider-Verse #2

Voiced by: Hailee Steinfeld (Bumblebee, The Edge of Seventeen)

Gwen Stacy is mostly known as the first love of Peter Parker’s life and died after she was thrown off a bridge by the Green Goblin. But in another universe, a radioactive spider bit Gwen in high school…and she ended up having to juggle playing in a band with running from the law as Spider-Woman after her universe’s Peter Parker died transforming himself into the Lizard, leaving her to take the blame for his death. A fan favorite, this version of Gwen has headlined her own comic book title and has shown up in other animated projects (namely, Marvel Rising.)

Peni Parker (SP//Dr)

First Appearance: Edge of Spider-Verse #5

Voiced by: Kimiko Glenn (Orange Is the New Black)

Created by Gerard Way and Jake Wyatt, young Peni Parker inherited the responsibility of piloting the Sp//dr mecha after her father died. She is able to pilot the suit due to a bite from the radioactive spider that is housed in its CPU. Peni has played a vital role in the original Spider-Verse storyline and its ongoing sequel, Spider-Geddon, where she and a host of alternate Spider-people battle the vampiric Inheritors. Her origin and design are heavily based on the acclaimed anime Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Spider-Man Noir (Peter Parker of Earth-90214)

First Appearance: Spider-Man Noir #1

Voiced by: Nicolas Cage (National Treasure)

This version of Parker operates during the 1930’s—specifically, the Great Depression. While operating under the wing of reporter Ben Urich, Parker was bitten by a spider after breaking an antique spider-statue. Somehow gaining powers from the bite, he adopts the alias of “The Spider” to battle the nefarious Norman Osborn—better known to the criminal underworld as “The Goblin”—and to honor his late uncle.

Spider-Ham (Peter Porker)

First appearance: Marvel Tails Starring Peter Porker, the Spectacular Spider-Ham #1

Voiced by: John Mulaney (Saturday Night Live)

In a universe where the inhabitants of the Marvel Universe are anthropomorphic animals, a spider named Peter was bitten by renowned porcine scientist May Porker after she accidentally irradiated herself. Morphing into a pig himself—yet still retaining his arachnid abilities—Peter resolves to fight injustice as the Spectacular Spider-Ham!

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse swings into theaters this Friday; based on the critical acclaim it’s receiving, and a sequel on the horizon, it’s safe to say that we’ll be seeing many more versions of Spider-Man on the big screen for years to come.

Collier, or CJ as he’s known to his friends, is a screenwriter and blogger residing in Seattle. When he isn’t at his laptop or at work, he loves to read comics, watch movies, play card games, and hit the local arcade. Spider-Man is his favorite fictional character of all time.

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