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Elseworlds-Supergirl, Flash, and Arrow

The annual crossover for the Arrowverse—this year titled “Elseworlds”—came and went. Not only did the CW network mash together an interesting story using many of our favorite characters, but they also successfully included a backdoor pilot for Batwoman: The Show I Never Knew I Wanted. The premise of this crossover was very simple. When the Book of Destiny is placed in the hands of a mad scientist, he rewrites reality and shenanigans ensue.

“Elseworlds” began with The Flash on Sunday night—just this one week switching with Supergirl—and crossed the Flash, Arrow, and Supergirl, omitting Legends of Tomorrow. This could be a major problem for those viewers who only watch one show and not the whole Arrowverse. However, the annual crossovers are designed to encourage people to watch all the shows and not just the one they like.

In past years, I watched all Arrowverse shows up until the crossover. Then I would watch only my favorites until the others hit Netflix, which is where I would watch them to catch up. If you don’t watch all three shows, “Elseworlds” does a good job of explaining the important points of whichever shows you miss. The characters from the different shows also need to catch up with each other’s lives, and viewers can catch up right with them.

Elseworlds - Flash and Arrow

Part 1 – The Flash

On The Flash, Barry and Oliver wake up to find themselves living each other’s lives, and no one else on their Earth (Earth-1) remembers the reality before it. In an attempt to prove themselves to their doubting friends, the duo travel to find Kara on Earth-38, thus bringing the crossover together. Watching the pair try to figure out each other’s lives was entertaining. I love “Aha!” moments, and the understanding of how their personalities worked with their powers was insightful and definitely useful for those not familiar with the other shows. In addition, this installment of “Elseworlds” introduces Lois Lane, leading me to speculate on the possibility of an upcoming Superman show.

Elseworlds-Superman, Supergirl, Lois  Lane

Part 2 – Arrow

On Monday night, Arrow was part 2 of “Elseworlds.” Team Flash travels to Star City to join the characters of Arrow and then to Gotham City to find the mad scientist and force him to fix things. To be honest, relationship advice between Barry and Oliver has gotten stale. My eyes start to glaze over whenever they talk about the wives. The real fun starts when “Elseworlds” arrives in Gotham.

I need a Batwoman show in the Arrowverse. Ruby Rose is amazing as Kate Kane. I don’t read the books, but I fell in love with Kate, Batwoman, and Gotham. Wayne Enterprises is a dilapidated building with wild plants all through it. Crime runs rampant. Arkham Asylum is creepy and full of baddies (including one inmate named Marc Guggenheim). Kate’s flirting with Kara is fun. By and far, it is a really great episode.

Elseworlds- Kara Danvers and Kate Kane

Part 3 – Supergirl

Although the last installment of “Elseworlds” aired on Supergirl, the show also takes place on Earth-1 where reality is once again rewritten. Our mad scientist Dr John Deegan turns Barry and Oliver into criminals, imprisons Kara in Star Labs, and turns himself into Superman. This allows them to bring alternate reality versions of the show’s characters into Earth-1. You can tell that the writers had fun with the whole “Elseworlds” concept and went just the right amount of over the top with the villain. My one complaint is that Chyler Leigh’s wig for a long haired Alex Danvers was really bad.

Elseworlds - John Deegan

In the end, we find out that “Elseworlds” is a test for our characters. A big bad is coming that with shatter the multiverse unless they can stop it. I love big bads. This left me with some questions though. Which show gets the big bad? Will it be another crossover? Do we get another one this year, or do we have to wait? Also WHEN WILL WE GET BATWOMAN?


5 out of 5 stars.

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