Do You Even Duel!? Tournament 6, Round 2

Thanos Featured Do You Even Duel

Difficult, difficult matches to decide but after compiling all the data I think we’ve come to a decision for the Do You Even Duel!? Round 2 of Tournament 6

Blue Marvel vs. Rachel Grey

In Blue Marvel vs. Rachel Grey we have an anti-matter generator and manipulator vs. one of the universe’s most powerful psychics. Both of them are capable of manipulating matter on the molecular scale. In fact Rachel is capable even of even creating psionic constructs from it. Furthermore she has a telepathic prowess that few can compare to. This poses an extreme weakness for Blue Marvel.

Still, Blue Marvel’s energy potential, while not limitless,would pose problems for Rachel. While she would be able to invade his mind, its unlikely that she would be able to do this while also defending against what is arguably one of the forms of power in the universe. That being said, unless she opened with an intense mental attack that forced him to kill himself, the battle would be that of energy and physicality. Here Blue Marvel has the advantage due to the fact that he studies his own matter and knows how it works on the molecular level. In fact, he’s superior in intelligence, period. Considering these many factors, it is more likely that Blue Marvel would emerge victorious from the battle

Doctor Strange vs. Thanos

Thanos is a cosmic being that has been heralded as a god. Doctor Strange is likely the most qualified mystic in the universe. He fights demons, gods, and the like. Comparing there abilities well… Doctor Strange does have many tricks, however, no amount of these abilities would be enough to handle Thanos, a Titan fueled by raw cosmic power. Not only has he defeated the Phoenix, he’s also immensely intelligent and has the potential to become the most powerful being in the universe, if he isn’t already. Strange is sorely outclassed here and this battle would go to Thanos

That leaves us with our finale…

Blue Marvel vs. Thanos

Discuss who would win this duel here. 

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How do the tournaments work? Read here.

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