Do You Even Duel: Final Fight #6- Thanos vs. Blue Marvel

Final Fight Do You Even Duel Thanos vs Blue Marvel

This is it! We have the results of the finals for the 6th Do You Even Duel tournament! This was a very difficult decision, and fun to write. By random generated draw our combatants will be dueling on Mordor of Middle Earth. Without any further adieu… Thanos vs. Blue Marvel.

“Precious Jewel”

The star-shaped fissure tore through the dead air with a sound like the ripping of thick fabric. “I don’t like this, Brashear. You should at least let me do this with you. You know I can.”

“Not this time, Chavez” Adam said as he smiled to the young Puerto Rican dimensional traveler.

“Ten minutes.” America said, concern thick in her eyes. “Ten minutes and if you don’t ring, I’m coming back for you. Middle Earth isn’t a place one simply walks into, much less Mordor.”

“Agreed. Ten minutes.” He held that same smile. America didn’t move for at least another moment. Then she sighed and shut her eyes. “Be safe, Mi hermano.” The portal closed behind him.

Adam Brashear turned towards this unfamiliar land, beaten and broken by battle, ravaged by the raucous of war. He was on a ridge that overlooked a barren world. Severe valleys and vast expanses bereft of vegetation were peppered with the occasional pyre of burning bodies. 

Still, what compelled his attention was the wide-shouldered figure that loomed just a dozen or so yards from him. The Titan’s hands were clasped neatly behind his back. “There’s a great power here, Marvel.” He spoke in his calm but still somehow commanding tone, his voice bearing a booming resonance. “I know you can sense it.” He stared longingly at the large mountain across the vast land, red molten rock drizzling down its sides in steaming rivulets. 

“This isn’t your realm, and whatever that power is, it isn’t for you, Thanos. I’m asking you once nicely, to just leave,” Adam said as he pulled his glove more snugly about his fingers. At the base of the mountain he could make out two small forms trudging towards the volcanic pike of earth. 

“I’m a being of discovery, Marvel, when I sensed this dark power signature in this… Middle Earth, I was commissioned with a new responsibility to find it.” The Mad Titan began to turn. “I will do my-” but he was cut off mid sentence by the glowing fist of the Blue Marvel as it landed in the thick of his chin even before he could turn to face him fully.

A shock wave came with the impact and Thanos found himself sailing through the death ridden air before he knew what hit him. He hit the earth hard, and bounced once, but before he could hit the ground a second time there was the Marvel again like a bolt of light. “I said I’d ask, once.” 

Another earth shaking blow. Thanos hit the harsh terrain again and tumbled on it very several hundred meters before managing to find his footing. And there the Marvel was again. But this time… “Enough!” Thanos shouted as he caught the metahuman’s third strike with the palm of his hand. He pummeled a fist larger than his face into Marvel’s head, once, twice, and then after slamming him into the earth, he followed up with the searing cosmic power of twin eye beams that drove him deeper into the decrepit soil. 

“Have you forgotten who you challenge, Marvel?” His fist slammed again into Blue Marvel’s chest with sound like thunder. “You were a man of regard once. A hero of your age. A soldier, idol, scientific genius- but then you gave up all you were at the beckoning of a feeble man, whom you could have ended with a wave of your hand. A man who called himself the leader of the ‘Free World'” Thanos took the Marvel around his neck and lifted him so that his own purple deviant face was level with his. “Your world is the most chained of them all, bound by your petty earthen politics.”

Blue Marvel gripped at Thanos’ hand with both of his. Thanos smirked and titled his head. “I can see into your mind, Marvel. I can see your thoughts, hopes, dreams, regrets… If I wanted to I could twist you to do my bidding… But I have more respect for you than that. Your bravado. Your capabilities. All if it is… admirable.”

“I’m glad you can with your mind.” Blue Marvel’s eyes began to glow. “Because your eyes won’t be of much more use to you.” The glow brightened, and Thanos’ own eyes exploded with a brilliant blue light, within his skull. 

The Titan cried out in a bestial roar, letting go of Adam, gripping his own face with his hands. A dark wetness seeped from the sockets. “You…” Thanos growled. “You will pay for that!” He made a wild swing, easily side-stepped by Blue Marvel, who struck him hard in his ribs, beneath the arm, before ducking a second wide, blind swing from the Titans’ other arm. The miss opened him up for a hard uppercut caught beneath the Thanos’ chin, that sent him up towards the Mountain of Doom. 

Blue Marvel sped after him, matching the pace of Thanos’ careening form. From below he sent a powerful manifestation of anti-matter upwards, blasting the Titan even higher. “I came to stop you Thanos, and that is precisely what I intend to do.” With another feat of speed, Blue Marvel zipped upwards past Thanos and with a double handed blow swung hard into his head and sent him through the volcanic mountain. 

Marvel hovered down into Mt. Doom and found Thanos there in the center of a walkway, struggling to get to his feet. The heat in this place was staggering. The insides of its cavernous walls were orange with the light of the molten liquid and spewing geysers of flame. “It’s over Thanos. Leave this place.”

Thanos coughed and rocked his eyeless head. “You’re right Marvel. It is over.” He outstretched his hand, and before Adam could move, the Blue Marvel found himself transmuted to pure stone. “I respect your power, and your resolve… but next to mine it is still… negligible.” 

Thanos took a moment to catch his breath, to consciously reform his eyes. But even as he did the stone that was Blue Marvel began to shift and crack. And then it was stone no more, but flesh. Flesh that burned bright with power. 

Blue Marvel shot forward. Thanos spun in time to throw a fist at his face, but Brashear was ready, catching it in his own palm and whipping around to yank it behind his back. “You think a man of my mind and power wouldn’t have already ascertained a way to use my energy to manipulate matter?” From behind he grabbed his other arm. “I thought you would have thought more of me, Thanos.” He then drove both of his feet into his back, and pulled back hard on his arms. It didn’t take long for a resounding Pop! and Crack! to sound, accompanying earth shattering howl of pain escaping the Titan’s lips. 

Marvel let go and Thanos clattered to the ground in a heap. Without preamble, Blue Marvel was upon his enemy, where he wailed his fists down on him. “You do enough in our own Galaxy… but to come elsewhere and try to claim your dominion?”

“Marvel!” Thanos’ hand shot up and grabbed the other’s face by his chin and began coursing his cosmic energy into Blue Marvel- energy that would’ve instantly disintegrated a normal man. “Do you understand what true power is?” He sounded broken, and yet his grip held true. “It is here. I know you’ve felt it’s burning eye gazing upon us. I know you feel threatened by its power.” Thanos drew Marvel closer. “But it fears me, Marvel. It knows I am here, and that I will have what was once his. Yes… even the ruler of this realm knows to fear me, and yet you feign naivete.” 

Adam agonized as he attempted to break free of Thanos’ grip. “You generate anti-matter energy.” Thanos continued. “It’s how you are so strong, so impressively resilient. But you’ve been expending it faster than you can produce it in our little bout, haven’t you?” A sinister grin splayed across Thanos features. “What happens when you run out?” 

As if on cue, the Adam’s eyes rolled back into his head as he fell unconscious. Thanos ceased his energy attack, tossing the man’s limp body to the side, where it landed, crumpled in the heart of the platform. 

A sound like ripping fabric came and Thanos heard the spanish, accented voice. “Brashear!” 

“You should thank me for his life, Chavez. His dignity saved him, there’s few I’d spare for such a reason.”

“Watch your back, cuz real soon, I’m coming back for you, Pendejo. That’s a promise.” The girl said with a dark resolve in her tone. He heard the portal close and knew that she and Blue Marvel were gone.

Ahead he sighted two stunned figures. halflings, easily less than a sixth of his size, staring at him. One of them had what he’d come for around his neck. Thanos managed to point a wavering finger towards them. “I would have that… precious jewel of yours now…”

Winner: Thanos.

Congratulations to @NewRelk for his victory!

Thanos Card

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We’ll see you next time!

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