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On November 12th, the world, especially the geek world, was dismayed to hear about the passing of Stan Lee. Our hearts weigh heavy with the news, and over the past few days we’ve let the reality that one of comic’s greatest icons is no longer with us. The father of so many of our favorite superheroes, the man that brought us to the age that we are in today, is no longer here. We decided that, instead of doing a long historical piece on Stan that folks can look up on wikipedia, or in a book, we would speak out as individuals of the DYECB staff, about the impact that Stan Lee had on all of hour lives.

John, AKA Sceritz

I woke up late on the 12th. That isn’t uncommon for me. I work night shift. It was my birthday. My wife didn’t want me to get on social media. I thought it was because she didn’t want me hoping to any work, or worrying about checking messages on my birthday. In reality, she didn’t want me to read about Stan Lee’s passing.

She knows me well. I was stricken. Stan “The Man” Lee, who created the foundation for what is one of my greatest passions, was gone. It feels surreal. You know he won’t always be there, but then he’s always been there. We see him in the cameos and we smile. We hear his one of a kind voice and we get a little bit of light in a dark day. When I think of hearing that and knowing that its now all past tense, it hurts.

Like I said, he passed on my birthday, which at first felt like some morbid blow to me somehow. Selfish thinking, I know. Then someone told me, it was like a symbolism for him passing me the torch in comic creation. He’s inspired me so much already. Who would have thought his death would inspire me more? I’ll make sure I’m the creator he told us to be. And I’ll make sure, that like he did for 95 years, I’ll never lose my child-like imagination. Thank you, Stan. We miss you. Excelsior.


Stan Lee inspired me to be a writer. The fact that he helped create one of my favorite characters ever, and I hope that my own creations will be just as successful. His seemingly endless energy and fatherly spirit will be missed. Thanks for everything Stan. Excelsior.


Few celebrity deaths have affected me personally. They seem far away. Stan Lee, however, helped forge my life–especially growing up. He invented a character whose sense of responsibility helped create mine. To this day I measure my own successes and failures against Spider-Man.

Even more important than that, though, the X-Men taught an awkward, bullied kid who didn’t fit in that being different wasn’t anything to be ashamed of. So Stan Lee’s death is personal to me. But his creations live on to influence not only my life but many others


I’m not one to get overly emotional about celebrities dying. I feel the loss and move on. This time is different. A hole has been left by the passing of Stan “The Man” Lee. The “generalissimo”. I’m not a religious person. I’m agnostic. I have no platitudes other than I hope Stan & Jack are out there discovering worlds as wondrous  as the ones they helped create for us. EXCELSIOR!

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Without Stan Lee today’s world wouldn’t be the same for many of us. Stan was not only a writer and an editor: he was an influencer. The passing of Stan Lee shocks me to my core, but his death will remind of us of one thing: legends are immortal.

Stan might not be with us anymore, but he survives through us. He’s alive within the pages of the stories that have been influencing me for years. Stan is a part of all of us and let’s mourn his passing by doing the one thing he would want us to do: reading comics.

Gone but never forgotten. Rest in Piece Stan Lee.



Growing up, I didn’t read comics. I did however watch Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends. I heard Stan Lee’s voice every weekend. With every cameo in a movie, every interview he ever gave, Stan Lee captivated his audience. His voice spoke to the child in all of us, captivating us wth stories real and imagined. James  Gunn said he worked with the watchers but Marvel has lost their Oatu today. Thank you Stan Lee for all you brought to our lives.


When I think about Stan Lee I think about Shakespeare. My Dad is an English Teacher, literature, not language, so Shakespeare was brought up a lot, how he changed the language and the medium of writing and stuff like that. Now I didn’t read a lot of Shakespeare as a kid, but I read a lot of comic books. I loved Spider-Man like my Dad loved Macbeth. That was Stan Lee to me, he opened up a world of superheroes and changed the medium of comics forever. He’s comic book Shakespeare, that’s what he means to me.

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Taking in the full impact of Stan Lee on the comics and pop culture landscape is not unlike seeing the Grand Canyon for the first time. People will tell you, “You’ll know it when you see it,” and for me, discovering Stan Lee was a series of smaller avenues on the way to the Grand Canyon. This Spider-Man story over here looks neat! Throwing Cap’s shield in an arcade game is fun. Oh, Iron Man, too? And the Fantastic Four? Okay, but Hulk… yeah? Before I knew it, I was zooming out from a series of smaller phenomena and gazing across an enormous spectacle like nothing else.

Everyone sharing stories about Stan Lee’s impact on their life, they’re part of that Grand Canyon feeling, too. It’s unmistakable.


The herald of a new mythology, one whose name will be remembered centuries from now, Stan Lee delivered us a magnificent gift. Not just a writer or creator of characters, through words and kindness and example, he tilted forward the evolution of western culture and society. Stan Lee enlightened us with what it truly meant to be a hero, demonstrated the way of acceptance and tolerance, educated us about the weight of responsibility, helped us learn humility, and taught us how to forgive—ourselves and others. He did not just share his messages, he embodied them, creating waves of positivity across the globe.

In my four and a half decades, I don’t remember a time in my life in which something of Stan’s creation was not a part of it. He inspired me to believe in something bigger than myself, to be kind and responsible, and to always strive to do the right thing. His influence called to me to become a storyteller of heroes, and I can’t imagine my life any other way. Now, I’m passing his message on to my daughter.

You may have faded from our sight, Stan, but we know Watchers are immortal. Thank you for giving us this wonderful gift. Excelsior!


Everywhere I looked or listened, there was Stan Lee. In my comics and on my TV. His name, his voice, his face. I didn’t know this man, but he knew me. He was talking to ME. I promised him that I was a true believer.  And week after week he somehow came into my life.

For me Marvel was the Mickey Mouse Club and Stan was Walt. He clearly isn’t talking to adults, just us kids! He made me feel part of something. Something special. A place where I was welcomed for just being me and liking the things I liked. He was an adult and he didn’t think my love of superheroes was silly. In fact, he thought it was awesome!

Thank you Stan Lee for awakening my imagination and for always accepting me just the way I am.

RIP Stan Lee (1922-2018)

AKA Sceritz, AKA Ophan Black Panther. A cosmic obliterator of the IVth Wall and breaker of chains of the hordes of fandoms scattered throughout the multiverse. Architect of and Creator of

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