REVIEW: West Coast Avengers #3

WEST COAST AVENGERS #3 / Writer: Kelly Thompson / Artist: Stefano Caselli & Triona Farrell / Letterer: Joe Caramagna / Marvel Comics / October 31st 2018

Unfortunately, last month we missed our review for West Coast Avengers #2, but needless to say it was nothing short of awesome. Well, we won’t miss the mark this time around, because the third issue in this young series was another home run. Thompson, Caselli, Farrell, and Caramagna are at the top of their art and continue crafting a fun book that is reminiscent of the Silver Age of comics. B.R.O.D.O.K is back and saw through our heroes’ scheme. This time he’s brought reinforcements in the form of giant, genetically altered women. Yes, you read that right, the plot might sound weird and over the top, but this book embraces that fact to create something quite unique.

Kelly Thompson keeps proving to all of us that she is a top-notch writer. I’m constantly amazed that, despite this team being filled with characters I cared little for, I’m starting to grow attached to their awkward union. Each personality is showcased in their own significant way, and while they don’t truly mesh well together, they’re trying to find a rhythm that becomes increasingly fun to follow. Thompson is planting seeds of the most unexpected relationship between Gwen and Quentin which perfectly fits the chaotic atmosphere this book is bringing. We’re also treated to a dynamic fight that leaves the team heavily outgunned. The thing I really liked about this issue is it treats us to a good fight without giving up elements of the plot. The story with B.R.O.D.O.K moves forward and places Kate in quite an unexpected place, we learn that Fuse’s piercings are made of vibranium without any indication as to how he got it, and we get a tease of Gwen losing her “powers.” The fighting doesn’t get in the way of this important development. I appreciate how Thompson creates this in a natural way that keeps true to the tone she establishes throughout her tale. All these elements combined to create an enjoyable reading experience delivered at a perfect pace.

Moving on to art, Stefano Caselli’s style is perfectly suited to West Coast Avengers. It has a modern look meshed perfectly with a classic comic book feel. The characters and backgrounds have enough details without feeling overloaded, giving off an amazing visual experience. The panel composition was a great positive in this comic. The way they are arranged was creative and gives this book a dynamic tone which fits this action-packed issue. The compositions allowed the comic to flow well and fast despite the fact that some pages were quite wordy. This quality, matched with the coloring of Triona Farrell, added a ton to the look and feel of the comic. The fun, bubbly tone of this book is supported by the dynamic colors. Farrell perfectly displays why a good colorist is crucial. Finally, the work of letterer Joe Caramagna should be highlighted for this issue. He provided not only some great comic special effects during the action sequences, but gave off some nicely balanced word bubble placement. Some pages had a ton of talking associated with them, but thanks to the lettering, dialog never seems to get in the way of the art nor block out the important details.

Every hand associated with this comic came to play and it showed in the quality of this book. Personally, I had a blast reading West Coast Avengers #3, and hopefully this makes way for a long and successful run on this book. Each element of the book was expertly crafted to build a story that is funny, action-packed, and dynamic. If you aren’t reading this book then I urge you to immediately correct this mistake.

Verdict: 5 out of 5 Giant Tigras Cracking Monsters in the Mouth.

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